11 Best Lights for Video in 2024

YouTuber shooting a video in poor lighting

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Are you fed up with murky, shadow-filled videos that leave your content looking unprofessional? Say goodbye to those dimly lit nightmares because we have the perfect solution for your strategy. Whether you’re a YouTube sensation, an aspiring content creator, or simply looking to brighten up your video projects, selecting the ideal lighting is crucial.

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What Are the Best lights for video?

So, what are the best lights for video? Great lighting provides the proper illumination and allows you to dramatically elevate the quality of your content and set you apart from the rest. In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll share the eleven best lights for video in 2024, equipping you with all the knowledge necessary to make an informed choice.

We’ll delve into vital aspects, including brightness, color temperature, and more. Don’t let sub-standard lighting stand in the way of your content creation dreams – read on and take the first step towards a brilliantly lit production right now!

1. GVM-600S



The GVM-600S offers content creators a revolutionary video light kit featuring six detachable light bars for outstanding light projection and range, making it number one on this best lights for video list. This versatile video lighting equipment is perfect for various applications, from photography and live-streaming to YouTube Live, beauty makeup, selfies, and more. Elevate your creative visuals with the GVM-600S and achieve that professional-grade aesthetic.

Key Benefits

  • Features six detachable light bars so your subject is well-lit from all angles, providing a professional lighting setup.

  • The Kit includes a Bluetooth remote control that simplifies taking photos without manually operating the camera.

  • This ring light shines two times brighter than your average setup, making it ideal for content creators who value precision.

  • Adjustable color temperature and brightness settings to find the perfect illumination outdoors or in a dim indoor space.

  • Digital display screen makes adjustments a breeze. Easily tweak the settings for optimal lighting for photography or videography.


  • $169.00 USD + taxes & shipping
  • 4 interest-free installments
  • from $15.25/month with ShopPay

Product Pros

  • Lightweight & easier to transport than softboxes

  • Ideal for gaming, livestreaming, & Zoom calls

  • Precise settings make duplicating color temp & brightness simple

  • Fast setup & easy-to-use

  • Compact carrying bag you can take anywhere

Product Cons

  • Can’t tilt or change the angle of the ring light

  • Can’t adjust the power or color temp of the wand unless it’s plugged into the ring

  • Not suitable for cameras with flip screens

2. NEEWER RP18H 19 Inch LED Ring Light With 3 Phone Holders

NEEWER RP18H 19 Inch LED Ring Light


The NEEWER RP18H 19-Inch LED Ring Light is a game-changer in the world of content creation. Its sturdy tripod stand, adjustable phone mounts, and 2 USB charge ports allow users to effortlessly achieve professional-quality beauty shots, live streaming on multiple platforms, and recording portrait videos. As a top-rated video light, the NEEWER RP18H is the perfect addition to upgrade your studio setup.

Key Benefits

  • The ring light features a touch screen and LCD for easy brightness and color temp adjustments. 

  • With its 19-inch diameter and 512 SMD LEDs, this ring light offers excellent illumination for vlogs, live streams, and selfies. 

  • It’s paired with a robust aluminum alloy tripod stand with an adjustable height, ensuring the safety of your equipment.

  • A wireless selfie Bluetooth controller for easy photo capture without touching your phone screen. 

  • Plus, a 2.4G remote control with a range of up to 20 meters allows for convenient brightness and color temperature adjustments.

  • The device offers three cold shoe ports for mounting multiple phones and 2 USB charging ports. 

  • Ideal for multi-device shooting and ensures your smartphones stay charged during live streaming. 


  • $131.99 USD + taxes & shipping
  • Check page for discounts

Product Pros

  • 3 detachable holders for smartphones & cameras

  • Sturdy tripod stand with multiple settings for any height needed

  • Remote control allows you to change brightness without manually adjusting during recording

  • Large opening is ideal for cameras with a flip screen

  • Easy for beginners to assemble and setup

Product Cons

  • No battery included. Must have access to AC outlets to use.

  • Carrying case does not come with pockets for power cords or accessories.

3. Godox SL-150W III LED Video Light White (5600K)

Godox SL-150W III LED Video Light White (5600K)


Light the way to stellar visuals with the cutting-edge Godox SL-150W III LED Video Light White (5600K) — your ultimate solution for streaming, broadcasting, cinematography, and photography needs. Boasting unparalleled wireless dimming control through Bluetooth or remote applications, this pioneering innovation is designed to maximize convenience for creators. Unleash your potential with the stunning brightness and uncompromising quality offered by the Godox SL-150W III, a game-changer in the realm of professional lighting.

Key Benefits

  • With high brightness (73600 lux), stable color temperature, and a high color rendering index, the SL-150III is an optimal light source for video recording, streaming, or photography.

  • The U-bracket’s 360-degree rotation feature allows you to position the lamp at any angle or accommodate large modifiers, offering versatility in a lighting setup.

  • With wireless control, you can operate the unit from a distance using an optional remote control or an app, providing convenience and flexibility.

  • Eight preset special effects simulate lighting conditions like lightning flash or a flickering TV, adding creative dimensions to your filming.

  • The silent mode operation ensures noise-free use with a single button press, perfect for sound-sensitive environments.


  • $330.08 USD
  • Free Shipping in continental EU

Product Pros

  • Solid metal construction with sturdy arm

  • Adjustable tilt function for more versatility

  • Remote control with multiple group function allows you to change brightness for different lights

  • Great color accuracy and centralized light for umbrellas and soft boxes

  • Quiet fan reduces excess noise and unit has no-fan capability

Product Cons

  • Remote control is slow to scale and change settings

  • No battery included in the SL line. Must upgrade to VL for that feature.

  • Does not have slider for umbrella arm

4. Godox ML60 60W LED Light Silent Mode



The Godox ML60 60W LED Light is a viable solution for professional photographers and videographers seeking the best lights for video. Remarkably versatile and powerful, this compact studio lighting wonder boasts eight ingenious shooting effects, skillfully mimicking lighting conditions like meeting, paparazzi, TV, alarm, light bulb, and flash. Equipped with a built-in quiet fan for optimal cooling, the ML60 also offers a silent mode feature, significantly reducing noise to ensure flawless captures in every setting.

Key Benefits

  • This lighting equipment allows you to seamlessly switch between LED continuous light and 8 different special effects modes, providing diverse lighting options for various shooting scenarios.

  • With the included reflector, it can achieve a remarkable brightness level of 13000LUX@1M, ensuring optimal illumination for your projects.

  • It offers precise brightness control, adjustable from 0% to 100%, enabling you to fine-tune the lighting conditions to suit your specific needs.

  • Featuring 16 groups and 32 channels of wireless remote control, this device allows for easy operation, enabling you to control your lighting setup effortlessly.

  • The silent mode feature ensures noise-free operation, allowing you to work without any lighting-related interference.


  • $269.00 USD
  • $18.74/mo. or less (rates from 10-30% APR) with Affirm

Product Pros

  • Small construction is easy to transport

  • Large production handle make is easy to adjust the light

  • Can be mounted to a stand or used as a handheld

  • Can run on AC or batteries

  • Great for rendering skin tones

Product Cons

  • Low voltage batteries will prevent maximum brightness

  • No NPF batteries included. Must be purchased separately

  • Not a bi-color LED so effects are limited

5. Elgato Ring Light

Elgato Ring Light


Unparalleled in its performance, the Elgato Ring Light is among the best lights for video, casting a flattering glow on your skin while banishing shadows and adding a captivating sparkle to your eyes. These key features make it one of the best ring lights for video recording, and you can expect a dramatic enhancement in production value as a result. Conquer closeup illumination like never before with this cutting-edge lighting solution.

Key Benefits

  • The ultra-bright, premium OSRAM LEDs consume 60% less energy than standard LEDs, making this a more energy-efficient lighting option.

  • The device emits a soft, even glow, eliminating harsh hotspots and ensuring a comfortable, eye-friendly illumination.

  • With Opal Glass, the light is flicker-free, ensuring seamless photon transmission for superior lighting quality.

  • It allows color adjustments from sunset amber to arctic blue without external color filters, providing versatile lighting options.

  • The accompanying app, available for both iPhone & Android, enables remote control of the ring light from anywhere in your studio, adding convenience to your workflow.


  • $149.00 USD + taxes & shipping
  • Discount codes available

Product Pros

  • Eliminates shadows on your face better than straight lights

  • Control lighting with computer or smartphone without having to leave the frame of your shot

  • Exceptional build quality to support DLSR cameras or smartphones

  • Compatible with Elgato Streamdeck for complete control over multiple lights

  • Adjustable brightness up to 2500 Lumens and has a wide color range between 2900 and 7000 Kelvin

Product Cons

  • Camera height may not be ideal if you prefer lighting just above your computer screen

  • Does not include a desk stand base

  • A bit pricier than other ring lights

6. NEEWER 2 Pack SNL660 Bi-Color LED Panel Light Kit with APP Control

NEEWER 2-Pack SNL660 Bi-Color LED Panel Light Kit


Achieve professional-level lighting with the NEEWER 2 Pack SNL660 Bi-Color LED Panel Light Kit, one of the best lights for video production. This sleek, compact kit boasts 660 LED bead lights per panel, enabling ideal illumination for the subject and the background. Enjoy the flexibility of the dual interface options and detachable barn doors for precise control. Designed with durability in mind, its robust construction and included carrying bag ensure hassle-free portability. Elevate your videography without breaking the bank with this affordable video lighting kit.

Key Benefits

  • The clear 2-inch LCD screen provides real-time data on battery power, brightness, color temperature, and channel, allowing you to monitor the light’s working status effectively.

  • The U-bracket with 360-degree rotation allows for flexible lighting angle adjustments based on your shooting environment, enhancing the versatility of your lighting setup.

  • The premium heat dissipation design, featuring aviation aluminum alloy, ensures durability and prolongs the panel’s lifespan.

  • With a dual installation interface and bottom connection, this device can be installed in two directions on a light stand, providing flexibility in setup.

  • The mobile app control function lets you adjust brightness, color temperature, and channels from your smart device within a 15 meters distance, adding convenience to your workflow.


  • $185.99 USD + taxes & shipping
  • Check page for discounts

Product Pros

  • Detachable barn doors and diffuser plates

  • App control system controls brightness, color temp, channels from smartphone

  • Includes two padded cases for LED light panels

  • Digital LCD screen with power indicator

  • Dimmable Bi-Color LED video lights w/3200-5600 Kelvin

Product Cons

  • Battery not included must be purchased separately

  • Tripod stands have questionable build quality

  • Not the best option for high-end film creators of content creators

7. Ikan Onyx 240 Bi-Color Aluminum On-Camera LED Light

Ikan Onyx Bi-Color Aluminum On-Camera LED Light


For videographers seeking the best lights for video, the Ikan Onyx Bi-Color Aluminum On-Camera LED Light is your ultimate portable video lighting solution. Boasting a sleek design, this cutting-edge light features 30W high-quality LEDs, ensuring high brightness and crystal-clear clarity in every shot. The Onyx 240 Bi-Color effortlessly elevates your visuals without breaking the bank, making it a must-have for dedicated professionals capturing breathtaking content.

Key Benefits

  • The Onyx 240 Bi-Color On-Camera Lights aluminum body ensures durability while maintaining a lightweight design, ideal for lengthy shooting sessions.

  • Its LED display facilitates easy and accurate brightness adjustments (from 10-99%) and color temperature (from 3200°K to 5600°K), allowing precise control over lighting conditions.

  • With 144 high-brightness LEDs, this device delivers exceptional color rendition and brightness, enhancing the quality of your footage.

  • The hot shoe feature allows easy attachment to a camera or a ¼” tripod, offering setup versatility. An included bracket can be attached to any stand with a baby 5/8” receiver.

  • Despite its excellent build quality, the device maintains a lightweight design, making it easy to handle and carry around.


  • $139.99 USD + tax (Free Shipping w/Amazon Prime)
  • 3 monthly payments of $46.67
  • $23.33/month for 6 months

Product Pros

  • Easy to transport and setup

  • Emits less heat then softboxes

  • Affordable price point

  • Battery Included

Product Cons

  • None

8. Genaray LED-7100T 312 LED Variable-Color On-Camera Light

Genaray LED-7100T 312 LED Variable-Color On-Camera Light


Unrivaled among top-rated video lights, the Genaray LED-7100T 312 LED Variable-Color On-Camera Light is a game-changer for videographers. Flaunting precision controls, lightweight design, and adjustable color temperature, it provides unmatched versatility. Switch effortlessly between warm 3200K and cool 5600K hues and marvel at the exceptional 1400 lux brightness at 3 ft. Join the professionals who trust the LED-7100T as one of the best lights for video on the market.

Key Benefits

  • The Genaray Professional Series LED Light offers top-tier lighting solutions for professional shoots.

  • It allows for adjustable color temperature (3200-5600K), providing flexibility in achieving desired lighting conditions.

  • With up to 1400 Lux brightness at 3 feet, it ensures ample illumination for your projects.

  • It features a flicker-free brightness dimmer adjustable from 100-10%, allowing for smooth and precise control over brightness levels.

  • The stepless color/brightness dials offer seamless adjustments, enhancing the user experience. 


  • $169.00 USD + tax (Free 2-day shipping available)
  • Special Financing up to 12 months

Product Pros

  • Ideal for lighting arrangements in close proximity

  • Provides a steady light that prevents ring reflections on glasses or pupils

  • Offers a wide range of flicker-free lighting

  • Versatile power options: battery for mobile filming and AC for stationary setups

Product Cons

  • The light’s power output may be inconsistent at both ends of the color spectrum

  • The ball head supporting the light panel lacks adequate sturdiness

9. Luxli Timpani 1×1 RGB LED Light Panel

Luxli Timpani 1x1 RGB LED Light Panel


Dive into unparalleled color precision and creative control with the Luxli Timpani 1×1 RGB LED Light Panel. As one of the best lights for video shooting, this cutting-edge LED light features extreme color accuracy, crafted to meet Luxli’s stringent specifications in Norway. Boasting the lightest and thinnest design in its class, the Timpani offers more options than any other RGBW LED light, making it a game-changer for film and studio work.

Key Benefits

  • Designed for studio, theater & film/TV applications, providing professional-grade lighting solutions.

  • Features passive cooling for silent operation, ensuring noise-free performance.

  • Offers on-board, DMX 512, and Bluetooth control, delivering versatile and convenient operation methods.

  • Allows color control from 2800 to 10,000K in CCT mode, enabling precise color adjustments.

  • Comes with a diffusion panel and yoke, enhancing the functionality and ease of use.


  • $849.99 USD + taxes & shipping
  • $71/month for 12 months with Payboo Credit Card

Pros & Cons – COMING SOON!

10. Fovitec 3-Light Studio Pro Softbox

Fovitec 3-Light Studio Pro Softbox


Achieve unparalleled lighting precision with the Fovitec 3-Light Studio Pro Softbox, one of the best lights for video production on the market. Expertly crafted to reduce shadows and center focus, these softbox lights for video production ensure an even distribution of light, turning your studio shots into captivating works of visual art. Elevate each frame with Fovitec’s cutting-edge design and watch your masterpieces come alive.

Key Benefits

  • A standard 2-light kit provides ample power for a range of applications, including YouTube tutorials, livestreaming, studio portraits, headshots, and product photography.

  • Equipped with high-powered 85W lamps, this ultra-bright 2-light kit is suitable for larger sets with bright ambient light.

  • The unique boom arm allows you to position a light above your subject, effectively separating them from the background.

  • The inclusion of larger background cloths makes this kit ideal for full-body photo and video applications.


  • $170.00 USD
  • $16.58/mo. or less for 12 months through Affirm

Pros & Cons – COMING SOON!

11. LimoStudio 700W Photo Video Studio Soft Box (Set of 2)

LimoStudio 700W Photo Video Studio Soft Box


Unlock the full potential of your video productions with the LimoStudio 700W Photo Video Studio Soft Box. Engineered to provide exceptional lighting for professional and beginner photographers, these softbox lights for video production are designed to minimize color cast and spread light evenly – ensuring the best lights for video. The sleek black and silver finish not only makes a bold statement, but also helps keep focus on your subject, delivering captivating results outdoors or in a studio.

Key Benefits

  • The diffuser fabric enhances light quality with minimal color cast, providing optimal illumination for your subject.

  • The white diffuser fabric is easy to install with Velcro strips, ensuring a hassle-free setup.

  • The built-in light bulb socket is compatible with most E26 base light bulbs, offering versatility in lighting options.

  • The secure tri-leg base provides enhanced stability, making it ideal for outdoor shoots.


  • $95.00 USD for set of 2
  • 4 interest-free installments of $23.75 with ShopPay
  • $49.90 on Amazon – 1 Softbox

Pros & Cons – COMING SOON!

Why Having the Best Lights for Video Is a Necessity

In video production, employing the best lights is a prerequisite for achieving top-notch results. Proper lighting not only sets the desired mood and ambiance but also ensures clear visibility and enhances the overall visual impact of your video. It allows you to create a range of atmospheres, from bright and cheerful settings to dark and dramatic scenes.

Furthermore, good lighting eradicates shadows, curtails harsh contrasts, and evenly illuminates the subject, bringing clarity to your content and making it easier for viewers to discern details. High-quality, top-rated video lights confer a professional appearance to your videos and boost production value. You can implement techniques such as spotlighting or highlighting to enhance focus and draw viewers’ attention to subjects or areas within the frame.

The best lights for video offer flexibility and adaptability, allowing you to cater to different shooting environments and scenarios. Whether filming indoors or outdoors, under low-light conditions or in bright settings, reliable lighting equipment equips you to tackle challenges and attain consistent results.

How Can the best lights for video Benefit You?

When it comes to video production, employing the best lights for video can significantly enhance your content. High-quality lighting improves video quality, reduces shadows, and ensures proper illumination for a balanced and visually appealing image or video. This clarity and brightness result in color accuracy and detailed visuals, making your content more engaging and professional.

Moreover, lighting plays an integral role in storytelling, sets the mood, and conveys emotions visually. With top-rated video lights, you can create the desired atmosphere and effectively communicate your message, enhancing viewer engagement. Nothing beats a professional look and feel to your videos that provides a polished look that attracts attention, enhances credibility, and sets your content apart.

Whether you’re filming indoors, outdoors, or under challenging lighting conditions, professional equipment will help provide the consistent results you need. By investing in top-rated video lights, you can achieve professional-grade results without compromising quality, improving the overall production value of your videos and increasing audience engagement.

Buyers Guide: How We Conducted Our Research 

When conducting research for the blog “11 Best Lights for Video in 2024”, I took the following steps:

Identifying Potential Products: I began by identifying a wide range of lighting products suitable for video production.

Pricing Analysis: I analyzed the cost of each product to understand its value proposition. That involved comparing prices across different platforms and considering factors like brand reputation, product quality, and customer reviews.

Feature Examination: I carefully examined the features of each light. That included technical specifications such as brightness levels, color temperature range, power options, control methods, and additional accessories.

Identifying Drawbacks: I looked at potential negatives or gaps in each product. That included reading customer reviews and professional critiques to identify common complaints or issues.

Support or Refund Policies: I reviewed support and refund policies provided by each manufacturer. That involved checking if they offer customer service, community forums for troubleshooting, and their return or refund policy.

Customer Reviews and Ratings: I read through customer reviews and ratings on various online platforms. That helped me gauge user satisfaction and the real-world performance of the lights.

Expert Opinions: I also considered the opinions of industry experts and professionals to ensure the lights were fit for professional use.

Final Selections: After considering all factors, I compiled a list of the 11 best lights for video in 2024, ensuring a balance of price, features, and customer satisfaction.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, investing in the 11 best lights for video in 2024 that we’ve covered in this blog post is fundamental for anyone serious about upping their video production game. The role of lighting in content creation is multifaceted. Remember, the essence of compelling storytelling lies in grabbing and maintaining your audience’s interest, and much of this correlates to the effective use of lighting.

As you evolve in your journey, remember to keep visiting our blog. We share a wealth of tips and insights on video production that can be immensely beneficial. Leveraging my experience in digital marketing since 2011 and fueled by an enduring passion for crafting compelling content, the goal of this blog is to serve as a reliable guide. So, why wait? Explore and experiment with the lighting options we’ve just discussed, and witness the remarkable difference they can make in your video creations.

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