11 Best DTG Printers for Small Businesses in 2024

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Are you an entrepreneur or startup looking for the best digital garment printer for your small business? Finding the right dtg printers to fit your production needs and budget may seem overwhelming to you, but there’s no need to stress. Whether you print t-shirts at home, sell online, or run a brick-and-mortar, this list has what you need.

Best DTG Printers Overall


DTG Pro is an excellent option for T-shirt shops, e-commerce stores, and entrepreneurs.

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Best Under $5,000
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Procolored is not only affordable, it can be used on fabrics and multiple materials.

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Best For High Volume


DTGTEX is ideal for small businesses who need to produce 100+ shirts per hour.

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We researched for you and compared eleven of the best direct-to-garment printers available in 2024 to save you time. Overall durability, affordability, and ease of use were the primary factors we considered to compile this list. So, if you’re ready to create superior products that generate substantial profit margins, let’s get started!

AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER: As an affiliate, we may receive a commission on any purchases made through the links provided. We only promote products and services that we believe provide value and guarantee honest opinions in our reviews.

What Are the Best DTG Printers for Small Businesses in 2024?

1. DTG PRO L1800

DTG Pro L1800 Fusion


With its cutting-edge technology, the DTG PRO L1800 FUSION printing system provides excellent results at an unbeatable price.

Not only is it a cost-effective solution for businesses or individuals seeking a high-quality garment printer – but you can be sure of exceptional output with every use.

Constructed to perfection by DTG PRO, this unibody printer/base generates radiant colors that stand the test of time.

Key Features

  • Superior print quality with its enhanced Epson L1800 engine, perfect for t-shirt shops, e-commerce stores, and vendors
  • Durable and professional printing, built on a sturdy unibody engineered design for long-lasting use
  • Affordable price compared to similar dtg printers on the market, making it ideal for entrepreneurs and small businesses
  • Includes a T-shirt platen and easy-to-adjust magnetic print plates for efficient and convenient printing
  • Its precision linear rail system ensures accurate printing for every design
  • The plate spacer system allows for quick adjustments for thicker garments, making it the perfect choice for sporting goods stores and seaside surf shops.


DTG Pro L1800 Fusion Printer Price

This DTG PRO L1800 printer is $4,998.99, with no hidden fees or charges. There also is a payment plan option of $174 per month with Affirm, with credit approval.

With this DTG printer, you can enjoy high-quality and professional-grade printing at an affordable price.

DTG Pro's Trustpilot Rating

Bottom Line

This DTG PRO L1800 is suited for any company or individual looking for high-quality, professional-grade DTG printers.

For t-shirt shops, e-commerce stores, vendors, and entrepreneurs alike, investing in this high-quality garment printer is a no-brainer; it’s an unbelievably affordable investment in print quality.

Try it out and discover the difference it can make with your printing processes.

2. 17″ Single Head A3 DTG Printer R1390 A3-19N

A3-19N DTG Printer


The Procolored DTG printer is a direct-to-garment printing option that provides an excellent solution for customizing textiles such as clothing and pillows. 

This groundbreaking system opens new possibilities for customizing products with vibrant colors and ensures firmer and longer-lasting printing colors on fabrics with higher cotton content. 

With the 17″ Single Head A3 DTG Printer R1390 A3-19N, you can enjoy superior printing quality that lasts longer and has higher washability when used on fabrics with more cotton content. 

Key Features

  • DTG printer perfect for small businesses, t-shirt shops, e-commerce stores, seaside surf shops, sporting goods stores, entrepreneurs and vendors
  • White ink automatic circulation helps prevent printer head clogs and increases printhead lifetime
  • Bidirectional printing technology lets you print both white and colors simultaneously for faster output
  • Superior cooling system supports longer hours of printing to extend service life
  • Three visible windows enable convenient maintenance with simple disassembly and assembly
  • Easy to use touch screen controls facilitate immediate operation even for beginners


17" Single Head A3 DTG printer price

The 17″ Single Head A3 DTG Printer R1390 A3-19N is available for a one-time payment of $3,999, which includes free shipping and pre-assembled parts such as printer stands, print heads, and the ink system. With all its features and benefits, this garment printer is a steal.

Bottom Line

Procolored’s 17″ Single Head A3 DTG Printer R1390 A3-19N is perfect for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to level up their operations with an advanced printing solution.

Investing in a DTG printer is the ideal way to bring your designs and artwork to life, so why not give it a try?

3. Sertec Eagle TX 50

Sertec Eagle TC-50 DTG Printer


The Sertec Eagle TX 50 pushes the boundaries of traditional printers, allowing users to meet industrial standards for superior and consistent prints without sacrificing output volumes.

With its cutting-edge technology, this DTG printer is a must-have for any business looking to up its production capabilities.

Equipped with not just one print head but four, you can configure it to suit your needs and reach shockingly fast speeds even when printing black or colored garments at 120 t-shirts/hour. 

Key Features

  • Maximum Print Resolution of 2880 dpi
  • Open Ink System prevents air bubbles and sedimentation
  • Remote Management via Tablet App
  • RIP Software with textile and industrial printing functions
  • Up to 250mm in material thickness printable


Sertec Eagle TX 50 Price

The Sertec Eagle TX 50 is available for a retail price of $46,970.00. With an approved shopPay credit, customers can access payment plan options to spread the cost over a pre-determined number of months and make financing not so overwhelming. 

Bottom Line

The Sertec Eagle TX 50 is the perfect Digital Textile Garment (DTG) printer for small to medium-sized businesses, apparel manufacturing companies, and sporting goods stores.

With its multiple print heads, open ink system, and maximum print resolution of 2880 dpi, it surely can handle any customer’s needs while bringing a professional finish to all projects.

4. SYXINGL A3 DTG & DTF Printer Multifunction



The SYXINGL A3 Printer Multifunction is perfect for bringing your creative ideas to life. With DTG and DTF capabilities, you can print directly onto white clothes and use heat transfer on colored fabrics.

This cutting-edge printing technology ensures that all your designs stay intact, transferring smoothly to the desired material through powder shaking and hot pressing. 

Key Features

  • SYXINGL A3 Printer Multifunction is perfect for small business owners, custom t-shirt shops, and e-commerce store owners who need intricate designs.
  • Low-cost and easy to operate making this printer the ideal choice.
  • Suitable for printing onto a variety of fabrics such as clothing, sweaters, sweatshirts, socks, shoes, masks, umbrellas and denim fabrics.
  • The DTF/DTG Hot Stamping bronzing Solution gives you the power to transfer creations to any type of fabric quickly and easily.
  • With the ability to print onto more than 30% cotton fabric, this DTG printer is incredibly effective for white ink content.


SYXINGL A3 Multifunction Printer Price

Unlock the power of printing with SYXINGL’s cutting-edge A3 Printer Multifunction for a one-time payment of only $5,299.00, or use Affirm to make monthly payments of $190.71, depending on your credit score.

Get exceptional value for your investment and catapult your business to unprecedented heights.

Bottom Line

The SYXINGL A3 DTG & DTF Printer Multifunction is perfect for small business owners and custom t-shirt shops looking for the best DTG printers.

With its cutting-edge technology and affordable pricing options, it’s sure to take your business to the next level.

5. A3 DX7 Head DTG Printer T-Shirt Printer

A3-DX7-Head-DTG Printer for T-Shirts


Revolutionize your t-shirt printing game with the A3 DX7 Head DTG T-Shirt Printer. With 8-color capability, it surpasses previous 6-color printers and offers exceptional print speed. The digital touch screen is user-friendly, allowing you to print high-quality products at the touch of a button. 

Outpace the competition and craft striking t-shirt designs in minutes with this revolutionary printer. Don’t compromise. It’s time to take your t-shirt business to unheard-of heights and big profits with this new, groundbreaking technology.

Key Features

  • Perfect for t-shirt shops, seaside surf shops, e-commerce store owners, sporting goods stores, entrepreneurs, and vendors
  • User-friendly digital touch screen for easy operation
  • High-quality prints with precise and vibrant colors that don’t fade
  • Prints on a variety of fabrics including cotton, polyester, and blend materials
  • Low ink usage and easy ink maintenance for efficient and economical printing
  • Compact design that saves space and is easy to transport for events and pop-up shops


A3 DX7 Head DTG Printer Price

Ready to take your t-shirt printing business to the next level? The A3 DX7 Head DTG T-Shirt Printer is a one-time investment of just $6,800 – unlocking endless possibilities for creativity and profitability.

You’ll enjoy superior direct to garment printing with no hidden fees or charges and never need to worry about additional payments after purchase. 

Bottom Line

Whether it’s t-shirt stores, online marketplaces, or even sporting goods retailers, this powerful machine can do what other printers cannot – offering superior quality prints efficiently and cost-effectively.

Give this DTG printer a shot if you want to revolutionize your designs and business operations.

6. Azon Tex Pro DTG Printer

Azon Tex Pro DTG Printer


Azon Tex Pro DTG Printer is a cutting-edge solution for businesses or entrepreneurs looking to print full-color designs onto textiles with unmatched adhesion quality.

It’s on the best DTG printer list because it gives you an unparalleled edge in the market and can produce prints on items such as shirts, towels, jeans, aprons, bags, and more. Get ready to take your printing needs to the next level with Azon Tex Pro.

Key Features

  • Incredible print size of 400 x 600 mm and maximum thickness of 100mm.
  • High print speed pumps out up to 50 light shirt or 15 dark shirt prints in an hour with this garment printer.
  • Get superior quality results with 4 CMYK and four white ink cartridges plus laser beam print head protection technology.
  • Easy maintenance due to its three visible windows, giving users quick and easy disassembly and assembly.
  • Perfect for small businesses, e-commerce store owners, entrepreneurs, vendors and anyone else in need of a high-quality dtg printing machine.


Azon Tex Pro DTG Printer Price

Get the cutting-edge Azon Tex Pro DTG Printer today with an unbeatable single payment of $2,780.00.

This pricing option is the lowest listed price of all DTG printers, and no payment plans are available.

Bottom Line

The Azon Tex Pro DTG Printer is perfect for small businesses, apparel shops, drop shippers, t-shirt shops, e-commerce store owners, vendors, and entrepreneurs who want to print top-notch products efficiently.

If you’re on a tight budget, this is the best dtg printer to ensure you get high-quality capabilities for less money. Experience the power of this cutting-edge DTG printing machine today!

7. Anajet RICOH Ri 2000

RICOH- Ri2000 DTG Printer


Get the Anajet RICOH Ri 2000 and bring your DTG business to the next level. It boasts several settings for fast print speed, simplified maintenance, and a full-feature set designed for the power user.  

This DTG printing machine is sure to take your business to a higher level of productivity and profitability. 

Streamline your workflow with a quick setup and more time to grow with the RICOH Ri 2000. Enjoy superior value in its price class with this cutting-edge DTG printer.

Key Features

  • 8 Ricoh Print heads for powerful production
  • Experience incredibly fast print speeds – as low as 9 seconds for light garments and 54 seconds for dark!
  • Increase efficiency with an electric, variable ink droplet system
  • Enjoy hassle free maintenance with automatic table height adjustment
  • Optimize your inventory and make informed decisions by analyzing ink use and print volume over time.


Anajet RICOH Ri 2000 Price

Grab the Anajet RICOH Ri 2000 DTG Printer for a remarkably discounted price tag of $16K. The retail price is $22,000+, but at Garment Printer Ink, you can save over $6,000.

Payment plans are available with approved credit, and you should expect a monthly payment ranging from $1,300 to $1,400. 

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for fast and reliable DTG printers with superior print quality and print speed, look no further than the Anajet RICOH Ri 2000.

This professional-grade machine is perfect for high-volume print shops, e-commerce stores, small business owners, and stadium and concert vendors who want to take their printing to the next level – all at a nicely discounted price. 

8. HRM Automatic DTG T-Shirt Printing Machine



Leverage the HRM Automatic DTG Printer & T-Shirt Printing Machine to print images up to an expansive 329x500mm size. It utilizes water-based ink to create high-quality prints directly applied to the fabric and features automatic printable height adjustments.

This DTG printer is efficient and requires little to no human involvement, even when simultaneously printing white and colored garments. 

Key Features

  • Print your designs in minutes with this cutting-edge dtg printer
  • Easily print on a variety of materials like t-shirts, jeans, socks, hoodies and more
  • Print head height and adjustments done automatically for you
  • Innovative software makes traditional screen printing a thing of the past
  • Speed print mode prints both white ink and color at the same time for improved efficiency
  • One of the most popular dtg printers on Amazon for small businesses, t-shirt shops, and street vendors


HRM Automatic DTG T-Shirt Printing Machine Price

The HRM Automatic DTG Printer & T-Shirt Printing Machine is available for purchase at $5,699, which includes the machine and RIP 9.0 software in one package. Unfortunately, there are currently no payment plan options offered by this provider.

Bottom Line

The HRM Automatic DTG Printer & T-Shirt Printing Machine is the perfect solution for small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to produce high-quality, vibrant designs faster than traditional screen printing methods. Try it out today and experience the difference DTG printers can make in your business!

9. Refretronic Digital Textile Printer MT-TA3



Enhance your printing business with the Refretronic Digital Textile Printer MT-TA3. This innovative DTG printer enables you to produce high-quality designs quickly and expeditiously without a printing plate and maintain maximum print resolution. 

It is compatible with many materials, including cotton, polyester, fabric, and more. Advanced pigment and sublimation ink in up to five colors, including CMYK and white ink, allow you to create bold, vibrant designs on dark and light t-shirts and fashion panel prints. 

Key Features

  • Lifetime Warranty Available
  • Free Video Training For New Clients
  • On-demand Print Samples for Quality Verification
  • Print head can Print White Ink and Color at the Same Time
  • High Resolution 2880 dpi


Refretronic Digital Textile Printer MT-TA3 Price

No current pricing available on the MT-TA3 DTG printers.

Bottom Line

The Refretronic Digital Textile Printer MT-TA3 is one of the most reliable DTG printers for any small business, t-shirt shop, sporting goods store, apparel manufacturer, entrepreneur, or vendor looking to improve their printing processes.

With a lifetime warranty and free video training, this state-of-the-art device is an easy choice for anyone who wants to produce quality designs quickly and efficiently.

10. FreeJet 330 TX Plus

FreeJet 330TX DTG Printer


The FreeJet 330TX Plus is a commercial printer like no other. Boasting a unique Wet Cap maintenance system, this powerhouse safeguards the print head from the elements to preserve its life and reduce clogging.

Not only that, but it can stand for weeks without needing daily maintenance, so when you’re ready to print – so is your printer.

With Direct Ink from DuPont Artistri and Direct RIP software, the FreeJet 330TX provides bright and vivid prints on light and dark garments with excellent wash fastness on both kinds of cotton.

Key Features

  • Enjoy the lowest production costs and money-saving bottled ink with the FreeJet 330TX Plus
  • Print t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts and more with removable and interchangeable bases
  • Streamline your workflow with WURK – a powerful production management system
  • Get award-winning performance from 2016 & 2017 SGIA Product of the Year in Direct to Garment (DTG) printing
  • Reap the benefits of both high quality prints and low maintenance costs that come with owning this DTG printer
  • Print blends and 100% black polyester – an exclusive feature to this top of the line machine


Omni Print Freejet 330TX Price

Get the best deal on the Omniprint FreeJet 330TX machine. Take 28% off of the normal price and get this cutting-edge digital textile printer for only $8,199.

Bottom Line

Transform your printing operation today with the stunning FreeJet 330TX DTG Printer. Award-winning excellence, impressive performance, and money-saving ink bottles make this printer an unbeatable choice for high-quality prints – at a discounted price!

Don’t wait another day to revolutionize your business; take advantage of this exclusive offer now.

11. Epson SureColor F2100 DTG Printer

Epson F2100 DTG Printer


The next-generation Epson SureColor F2100 DTG Printer is the perfect solution for any digital textile printing business. 

Combining Epson’s PrecisionCore TFP printhead, UltraChrome DG inks, and advanced garment imaging technology, this printer delivers exceptional print quality with optimized durability and vibrancy. 

With these features, plus equally priced color and white inks, you can trust that the SureColor F2100 will become the new benchmark for high-performance DTG printers.

Key Features

  • Get vibrant, durable prints with Epson UltraChrome DG Inks
  • Enjoy fast loading and increased productivity with the SureColor F2100 series
  • Easy setup and operation with a simple Full Color LCD and Image Preview
  • Robust 14″ x 16″ Garment Platen for heavy duty printing jobs
  • Ethernet & USB compatible for multiple connection options
  • Cut costs with equal pricing of color and White inks
  • No more complicated software learning curves with Epson’s Garment Creator Software


Epson SureColor F2100 Price

Currently priced at $9,995, the SureColor F2100 is a cost-effective option for any business that wants to upgrade its digital garment printing equipment.

For those wanting to negotiate a lower price, check back frequently or contact them directly.

Bottom Line

This Epson DTG Printer is the perfect choice for any business, organization, or person that demands high-quality direct-to-garment printing but also wants affordability and ease of use. 

The SureColor F2100 series technology, efficient loading process, durable Garment Platen design, and equal pricing of color and white inks make it one of the most versatile DTG printers for those looking to get started.

What Is a DTG Printer?

A DTG Printer, or Direct-to-Garment Printer, is a digital printing technology that prints designs directly onto garments and other textiles.

It utilizes specialized water-based inks that are heat-set and can be printed quickly with a high degree of vivid detail – all without the need for set-up screens or manual labor.


DTG printers are a game-changing investment for small businesses in 2024, allowing you to create high-quality designs with minimal effort.

From fast and efficient printing to affordability and ease of use, these 11 printers have it all – so take your business to the next level with the latest digital printing technology!

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