13 Best PPC Tools To Maximize ROI in 2024

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Are you looking to boost your ROI with cutting-edge PPC tools in 2024? With the right tools and strategies, achieving great returns on your ad spend is more than possible. 

Search engine optimization, ad copy, and more all come into play when crafting an effective strategy. To help you get started, I’ve compiled a list of 13 of the best PPC tools available right now based on user ratings and customer experiences. 

From creating campaigns that drive more clicks to success metrics and indicators, these tools are perfect for any business or individual determined to reach their goals this year. 

Take the time to read this blog post today – you could be just one step away from achieving success!

AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER: As an affiliate, I receive a commission on any purchases made through the links provided. I only promote products and services that I believe provide value and guarantee honest opinions in my reviews.

What Are the Best PPC tools in 2024?

1. Adzooma

Best PPC Tools in 2023


Adzooma is an award-winning, all-in-one digital marketing platform that simplifies online advertising. With Adzooma, businesses of any size can easily set up, manage and optimize their campaigns on Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Facebook Ads. 

This highly-intelligent machine learning technology analyses your PPC accounts 24/7 to look for new performance opportunities. The platform design makes online marketing easy so you can focus on growing your business. Adzooma is one of the best PPC tools for managing Google Ads and Bing Ads campaigns.

Key Benefits

  • Easily launch high-performing PPC marketing campaigns with Google Ads, even with no prior experience or keyword research
  • Cut out time consuming work by streamlining your Google Adwords setup process
  • Analyze keywords effortlessly to identify the most relevant opportunities for your business
  • Automatically monitor performance and get key insights to take informed decisions
  • Simplify data crunching and uncover new opportunities every week to increase ROI
  • Instantly apply potential optimizations in minutes, not hours, to stay ahead of the competition


Adzooma Free
Adzooma Plus

Adzooma offers two easy-to-understand pricing plans – the Essentials Plan and the Plus Plan. The Essentials Plan is entirely free to use and provides access to features like automated campaign optimization, performance insights, and powerful reports. 

The Plus Plan at $99 per month enables you take your campaigns to the next level, with access to Google Keyword Planner integration, PPC advertising optimization tools and more. With this plan you also get team members support and detailed analysis of your campaigns so that you can make better decisions quickly.

Adzooma Trustpilot Rating

Bottom Line

Adzooma is the perfect solution for anyone who needs a comprehensive and reliable ppc strategy and keyword research tool to manage their ad groups. 

With Adzooma, you can create, launch and optimize powerful PPC campaigns with confidence, no matter if you’re a small business owner, freelancer, or large corporation. 

Take advantage of this unbeatable platform today and get the most out of your budget.

2. SE Ranking

SE Ranking


SE Ranking is the perfect all-in-one SEO solution for anyone looking to get ahead. With powerful competitive research capabilities, you can easily keep track of your and your competitors’ keyword and ad strategies. 

It features comprehensive analysis tools which provide a 360-degree view of organic and paid promotion strategies, helping you identify opportunities to improve ROI from Google Ads campaigns. 

With SE Ranking, you can confidently stay on top of PPC performance with their trusted tools for managing and analyzing Google ads campaigns.

Key Benefits

  • Quickly and accurately analyze hundreds or even thousands of keywords with Google Analytics.
  • Review potential CPC cost and competition level to create a more cost effective campaign.
  • Monitor PPC campaigns of similar websites to gain valuable insights.
  • Get the top ads for keywords to stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Effortlessly grow your keyword research with an easy-to-use keyword generator.
  • Seamless cross-integration with other tools provides deeper insights into search campaigns.
  • Discover more targeted and successful opportunities for PPC Ads.


SE Ranking Pricing Guide

Serpstat offers three pricing options – Essentials Plan, Pro Plan, and Business Plan.

The Essentials Plan includes ten projects and costs $39.20 per month.

The Pro Plan offers unlimited projects and 150,000 keyword checks every 30 days for $87.20.

Finally, the Business Plan gives you access to unlimited projects and 375,000 keyword checks at $191.20 per month.

With this powerful PPC software, you can make more informed decisions when creating ad campaigns and optimize your campaigns for Google search more effectively on search engines and social media platforms.

SE Ranking Trustpilot Score

Bottom Line

SE Ranking is the ideal SEO platform for midsize marketing and software companies. It features comprehensive tools that allow you to accurately track keyword positions, analyze competitors, monitor backlinks, audit websites, and manage social media accounts. 

With its confidence-inspiring interface, powerful analytics, and detailed reports, you can be sure your PPC campaigns and search ads will get the results you desire. Give SE Ranking a try today to take your digital marketing efforts to the next level.

3. Leadpages

Leadpages Landing Pages for PPC


Leadpages is the go-to choice for small businesses looking to drive conversions with their PPC campaigns. Create beautiful, optimized webpages and landing pages quickly and easily, as well as pop-ups, alert bars, and more.

Leverage Leadpage’s AI engine to generate dozens of headline variations to identify the highest converting combinations through split testing, helping you improve ROI from paid search.

Whether you’re a solopreneur, a small business, or an enterprise company, Leadpages is the best choice for optimizing your paid search performance and staying at the top of your digital marketing game.

Key Benefits

  • Create professional, high-converting landing pages quickly and easily with Leadpages
  • Capture leads, boost conversions, and engage your target audience with mobile-friendly pop-ups or alert bars
  • Increase sales by accepting payments directly on webpages using Stripe enabled Leadpages Checkouts
  • Manage teams or clients effectively by creating up to 5 free sub accounts
  • Get detailed insights into your conversion rate through Leadmeter’s data powered tips
  • Generate more effective campaigns with unlimited A/B split testing
  • Utilize 3rd party analytics like Google Analytics to measure performance of landing pages and Microsoft Ads.


Leadpages Pricing Plans

Leadpages offers two pricing plans – the Standard Plan and Pro Plan. The Standard Plan at $49 per month provides access to one site, free hosting, landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, and more.

The Pro Plan is more comprehensive at $99 a month, enabling you to access three sites and track unlimited traffic & leads. This plan also comes with priority tech support, online sales & payments, and unlimited A/B split testing to enhance landing page optimization.

With Leadpages, users can utilize their PPC tools to attain maximum performance and engagement levels from website traffic.

Leadpages Trustpilot Rating

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a powerful landing page builder to help increase your online presence and drive sales, then Leadpages is for you. 

Their easy-to-use platform with integrated lead generation and opt-in tools makes it easier than ever to create high-converting pages that draw in your audience and boost sales. 

Additionally, the intuitive interface helps you optimize paid advertising campaigns to get the most out of your budget. Give Leadpages a try today to see just how much it can do for you.

4. Adalysis

Adalysis Homepage


Adalysis is the perfect solution for PPC marketers, digital marketing agencies, and startups looking for an edge. It offers a combination of automation strategies and tools to help you manage your paid search campaigns on Google & Microsoft Ads.

Get the most out of your campaigns by utilizing competitor research, keyword suggestions, budget projections, quality-score analysis, and multi-dimension ad analyses. Ultimately, it has everything you need to stay ahead of the competition and boost your returns in shorter time frames than other PPC tools.

Key Benefits

  • Get real-time notifications related to keyword research, local PPC campaigns, and critical issues with Adalysis
  • Easily find the most profitable segments and get detailed insights with just a few clicks
  • Optimize automated bidding strategies and get daily recommended bid adjustments for different demographics or devices
  • Stay on top of your budget allocation model by using hourly heatmaps for ad schedules bidding decisions
  • Get alerted when you exceed your target budget with Adalysis’s flexible budget controls
  • Automatically test ads without any manual setup required.
  • Set up auto-pilot testing of ads, allowing automatic replacement of losing ads.
Adalysis Pricing Plans

Adalysis offers a range of pricing options based on the customer’s monthly spending. For customers with less than $50k in monthly PPC spend, the cost is $99.00.

Those with up to $150k in monthly PPC spend pay $199.00, and those up to $250k pay $249.00. The cost increases accordingly for those with higher budgets, with customers spending up to $500k paying a maximum of $499.00 and anyone spending over 500k able to negotiate a price.

Adalysis is an excellent tool for businesses looking to optimize their Google ad campaigns and manage and monitor ads more effectively and efficiently, ultimately saving time and money.

Adalysis Trustpilot Rating

Bottom Line

Adalysis is a powerful PPC management software designed to help businesses of all sizes optimize their Google Ads and Bing Ads campaigns.

From freelancers to large enterprises, this intuitive software simplifies PPC optimization and automation routines, resulting in increased ROI and improved results.

Additionally, Adalysis provides detailed reporting so you know exactly how your efforts are performing. With Adalysis, you can spend more time growing your business instead of manually tweaking campaigns.

5. Mangools

Mangools Homepage


Mangools is the perfect PPC management software for those seeking an edge. It integrates with Google Keyword Planner to provide hundreds of keyword ideas to boost your campaigns and help you dominate the competition.

Get detailed information on keyword difficulty, search volume, seed keywords, and more metrics. With its autocomplete and questions generator feature, you can add additional keywords, reduce your bids, and maximize returns.

Use Mangools to stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape and find additional keyword ideas at more affordable bids with this PPC tool.

Key Benefits

  • Discover the best keyword ideas with Autocomplete feature, helping you to find topical keywords quickly
  • Easily identify competitors’ keywords with one click
  • Analyze specific URLs and get relevant keyword suggestions for a particular topic
  • Uncover long tail phrases and seasonal keywords to capitalize on current trends
  • Leverage Google Suggest to get the most accurate phrasing for your seed keyword
  • Perform competitor research to stay abreast of the competition’s advertising strategies


Mangools Pricing Plans

Mangools offers three pricing plans – Basic, Premium, and Agency. Mangools Basic is the cheapest option at $29.90 per month, with access to 100 keyword lookups a day and 200 keyword suggestions a month.

The Premium plan is slightly more expensive at $44.90, but with this plan, you get 500 keyword lookups daily and unlimited keyword suggestions each month.

Lastly, the Agency plan at $489.90 per month provides 1,200 daily keyword lookups, unlimited keyword suggestions, and 150 site lookups – making it an ideal tool for managing large Google Ads accounts or campaigns that require detailed research into relevant keywords.

Mangools Keyword Research Tool showing number of searches for coffee machine
Mangools Keyword Search Volume Function
Mangools TrustPilot Rating

Bottom Line

Mangools is the perfect SEO toolset for businesses and individuals alike. With five super user-friendly tools designed to help you find the right keywords, track positions, analyze competitors, and optimize your ad spend, it’s no wonder Mangools has become such a popular choice.

This platform is ideal for bloggers, affiliate marketers, small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), and SEO agencies. Its user-friendly design makes keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, rank tracking, and SERP analysis effortless. Try Mangools today and discover its full potential.

6. Semrush

Semrush PPC Tools Page


Semrush is the ultimate PPC marketing tool for SEO, content marketing, competitor research, and social media marketing. Get ahead with the Keyword Magic Tool, which provides access to the largest keyword database on the market.

Find billions of related terms and phrases, discover niche topics, and build an unbeatable keyword list for your PPC campaign. Analyze competitor ad strategies to get valuable insight into their tactics for success.

View their keywords and targeted months of the year, then take it even further by discovering new advertisers in Google Ads. Save hours by automating time-consuming tasks with Semrush paid marketing tools – you won’t be disappointed.


  • Utilize the Keyword Magic Tool to efficiently pick quality keywords from clusters
  • Find profitable long-tail keywords with high click potential using Related Keywords
  • Target your search with advanced filters and get the most accurate estimates, including keyword intent
  • Block wasted ad spend by cross-matching negative keywords for multiple accounts
  • Monitor competitors’ rankings and get detailed insights into their advertising campaigns with the help of the Keyword Gap feature
  • Collect relevant keywords through an array of sources
Semrush Pricing Plans

Semrush provides three pricing plans – Pro, Guru, and Business. The Pro plan is $119.95 monthly with 500 keywords to track and access SEO, social, and PPC tools.

For those looking for more features, the Guru plan at $229.95 per month adds 1,500 keywords to track, a content marketing toolkit, integrations with a Google Ads account, and much more.

Lastly, the Business plan offers even more features, such as 40 projects, 5,000 keywords to track, API access, free migration, and additional functions that provide an ideal solution for businesses needing detailed ppc analysis tools for their ad budget.

Semrush Trustpilot Rating

Bottom Line

Semrush is the perfect tool for businesses looking to improve their online visibility and discover marketing insights.

The platform features tools and reports that help marketers with SEO, PPC, SMM, keyword research, competitive research, PR, content marketing, marketing insights and campaign management.

It’s a keen idea to consider Semrush to manage your advertising campaigns and conduct keyword research in a centralized location. Give the free trial a shot and discover how it can contribute to your business’s success.

7. Madgicx

Madgicx Homepage


Madgicx is the ultimate tool for any digital marketer looking to get the most out of their ad budget. With its AI-powered Autonomous Ad Management, you can trust it to optimize your campaigns across multiple channels and stages of the funnel. 

Get maximum returns from your ad spend with predictive analytics that use performance marketing best practices. Automatically identify overspending and underperforming areas, target high-value users with smart bidding strategies, and send visitors to optimized landing pages for maximum engagement. 

Key Benefits

  • Automatically optimize your Facebook ads 24/7 for maximum ROI
  • Leverage Machine Learning to apply the strategies of the world’s top media buyers
  • Keep your budget secure with automation solutions designed to protect you from overspending
  • Increase ad performance without needing to manually manage ads by taking advantage of 4 proven tactics used by leading media buyers
  • Gain insights from your existing Facebook data and use it to create campaigns for Google Display Network
  • Quickly identify pay per click (PPC) keywords based on search volume.


Madgicx Pricing Plan 1
Madgicx Pricing Plan 2
Madgicx Pricing Plan 3

Madgicx offers scalable pricing plans depending on your monthly ad spend. The starting point is $44 per month for those with a $1,000 monthly ad spend and increases incrementally to $4,899 per month for those spending up to $1,000,000.

Additionally, Madgicx Cloud tracking is offered as an add-on costing $199 per month, providing access to powerful PPC management tools such as real-time analytics and automated ad copy optimization.

For more in-depth reporting, you can include a one-click report add-on that illuminates campaign performance at $29.00 per month.

Madgicx Trustpilot Rating

Bottom Line

Madgicx is the perfect tool for any e-commerce brand or marketing agency looking to get the most revenue from their advertising budget. With its extensive keyword research, performance metrics, and Google Ads integration, it helps you to take control of your campaigns.

Its AI-backed software combines proven industry knowledge and skills with advanced technology for an unbeatable combination.

And with the Google Dashboard that lets you switch between Campaign Breakdown and Aggregated View in just one click, you’ll have full access to everything you need to monitor and manage your campaigns confidently.

8. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo Homepage


With BuzzSumo, you can stay one step ahead of the competition. It’s one of the most effective PPC tools for real-time data on brand mentions and industry trends. Plus, you can gain insights into how to find the best topics for content creation and analyze popular headlines for maximum reach.

Inside the platform, you will find advanced tools help keep track of alerts, trends in stories, search ads, and forum posts. Once you have a feel for the Chrome extension and how it makes campaign management more efficient, you can analyze high-demand keywords, view popular headlines, and structure content for maximum reach to get the best return on your ad spend.

Key Benefits

  • Build a comprehensive keyword list using thousands of relevant keywords
  • Discover trending stories with the help of a Trending Score sorted by relevance
  • Track time-to-viral success compared to competitors and discover popular topics, titles and content styles
  • Access Google Ads data to inform your PPC strategy and get cost insights
  • Monitor viral trends in real time for any domain, topic or location
  • Generate PPC ad copy inspiration leveraging the most successful headlines
BuzzSumo Pricing Plans

BuzzSumo offers five pricing plans to meet your needs. The Basic Plan is perfect for individual users at $119/month with 80 searches, a content ideas generator, and a Chrome extension.

For teams, the Content Creation Plan at $249/month increases searches to 300 and adds user alerts, a content analyzer, and more. If you need help with PR & Outreach campaigns, then the PR plan is the plan for you.

And if you’re looking for management tools tailored to YouTube and article uploads, opt for the BuzzSumo Suite at $399.

Lastly, you have the Enterprise Plan, specifically designed for larger teams with 30 users, unlimited searches, and 50 alerts plus custom reporting and integrations that can help optimize your PPC campaign or Google Campaigns.

BuzzSumo Trustpilot Rating

Bottom Line

BuzzSumo is a must-have for solopreneurs, small business owners, and agencies who want to succeed in the constantly changing realm of social media advertising.

The cloud-based platform is equipped with various tools that can help you stay ahead of your competitors and achieve success easily. These tools include comprehensive keyword research, monitoring of trending stories, analyzing customer questions, and tracking content success.

For digital marketers and brands that need to optimize their campaigns and get ahead in social media advertising, it’s among the top PPC tools available.  

9. VWO

VWO Homepage


VWO is a powerful experimentation platform that helps brands get the most out of their paid advertising. From A/B testing to user insights, the platform offers an array of tools and features to help you maximize your efforts. 

With VWO, you can analyze campaigns using other PPC tools like Bing Ads and Google Adwords, measure performance on multiple channels, set up experiments quickly and accurately, and access qualitative user feedback with session replays, click heatmaps, and popup surveys. 

By testing multiple variations quickly and easily, you can drive more traffic to the best-performing ones and ensure you get the best ROI on your campaigns.

Key Benefits

  • Create and run A/B, multivariate, split, multi-device and multi-page tests on your website to optimize customer conversions
  • Explore heatmaps, session recordings and funnels for a first-hand user experience of digital properties
  • Leverage AI to generate alternate copy suggestions in any language
  • Anticipate customer concerns and deploy the copy that works best for your audience
  • Utilize on-page surveys to get opinions, feedback and preferences from viewers & readers
  • Use PPC ads in Google Ads editor and find display ad image inspiration


VWO Pricing Plans

VWO has four pricing plans to meet your needs. The Starter Plan is free and includes A/B testing, split URL testing, multi-page campaigns, and more.

If you need a more comprehensive solution, the Growth Plan offers traffic source targeting, sub-accounts, OS Targeting, and unlimited goals and metrics for $357/month.

Next, you have the Pro Plan. It grants access to multivariate testing, cross-domain campaigns, and browser & screen resolution targeting for only $822/month.

Finally, the Enterprise Plan gives you the ultimate optimization experience with campaign activation triggers, widget library, self-hosting, and more, all included in its package at $1,438 per month.

VWO Trustpilot Rating

Bottom Line

VWO is perfect for businesses looking to increase their ROI and optimize their web experience across multiple devices.

Its comprehensive suite of features, like heatmaps, surveys, visitor recordings, and more, provides an in-depth look into visitor behavior – helping you obtain more insights from your video ads, Bing Ads, and other ad strategies.

With VWO, you can improve user engagement and ensure maximum returns – giving you the confidence to take your business further.

10. DashThis

Dashthis Homepage


Make your PPC & SEM reporting simpler and faster with DashThis. Their all-inclusive platform gathers all your tools into one automated dashboard – saving you time compared to doing it manually. It ensures you get an accurate, informed understanding of your success and ROI without compromising on the quality of reporting for your clients.

Streamline campaigns even further with built-in Google Ads Editor integration, allowing you to optimize and manage promotional campaigns in seconds. If your business is an agency with clients, DashThis will help you create more value with tailored PPC & SEM reports. Unleash the power of DashThis and eliminate the tediousness while keeping track of data efficiently.

Key Benefits

  • Monitor all major PPC and SEM KPIs with preset or custom widgets
  • Automate reporting process by linking to all your SEM & PPC tools
  • Take full control of your search engine marketing and pay-per-click data visualizations
  • Use 34+ native integrations for the most widely used digital marketing tools
  • Integrate your own custom data using CSV files
  • Utilize unlimited client and user accounts to track Google Ads performance, ad groups, etc.


Dashthis Pricing Plans

DashThis offers five pricing plans that are perfect for any marketing manager. The Individual Plan is the most basic, giving users access to three dashboards for only $33/month and including unlimited users, integrations, and data sources. 

If you need more, the Professional Plan grants ten dashboards for $109/per month, while the Business Plan boosts this to 25 for just $209. 

For even larger groups, the Standard Plan offers 50 or more dashboards at a competitive rate of $339/month – so you can get the most out of your PPC tools and have efficient reporting software in place.

Dashthis Trustpilot Rating

Bottom Line

DashThis is a great PPC management software for businesses and marketers who want to save time creating comprehensive reports.

With this tool, you can monitor, measure, and analyze data from multiple sources – from Google Analytics to keyword research tools and ad spend tracking.

DashThis quickly and efficiently provides a comprehensive view of your campaigns. It’s the go-to choice for confident and informed professionals looking to make reporting trends and statistics easier for themselves, team members, clients, etc.

11. Ahrefs

Ahrefs Homepage


With Ahrefs, you access the most comprehensive keyword research tool out there. Its Keywords Explorer runs on the largest third-party database of search queries with thousands of keyword suggestions and up-to-date search volume numbers they refine monthly.

This power equips digital marketers with a reliable data source to trust for their campaigns on YouTube, Amazon, Bing, and other search engines. Not only that, but you can also segment keywords into lists to save time and revisit them with one click.

Key Benefits

  • Track an unlimited number of verified projects with Ahrefs
  • Get keyword ideas for 10 different search engines & analyze estimated clicks
  • Connect Google Search Console and switch Dashboard mode for combined data
  • Utilize email alerts to have project performance sent directly to your inbox
  • Access over 7 billion keywords that are updated monthly
  • Leverage PPC tool, Google Analytics, keyword ideas and more to create ad copy


Ahrefs Pricing Plans

Ahrefs offers four pricing plans to help with all your negative keywords and PPC tracking needs. The Lite Plan is perfect for small businesses and entrepreneurs who need 500 searches or less each month and costs only $99/month.

The Standard Plan includes six months of ranking data for only $199/month, granting access to plenty of features for marketing consultants and freelance SEO professionals.

If you are an in-house marketing team, the Advanced Plan features Google Data Studio integration for $399/month.

And if you’re an agency seeking unlimited access, the Enterprise Plan is perfect at $999 per month – putting the right PPC tools in front of your Google Analytics data.

Ahrefs Trustpilot Rating

Bottom Line

Ahrefs is the perfect tool for any business or marketer looking to increase their website’s visibility on Google search. 

With Ahrefs, you can easily track your rankings, research keywords, and analyze backlinks to optimize your ad campaigns. 

It also provides powerful insights into competitor performance and traffic estimates from web pages. Try Ahrefs today and see how it can help you spot new keyword opportunities for your ppc advertising strategy. 

12. Spyfu

Spyfu Homepage


Spyfu is the ultimate tool for maximizing your marketing revenue. It allows you to search for your competitors, discover their PPC keywords, and see how much they spend for each.

You can spot core keywords that your top competitors are buying and that you’re not — invaluable insights when you want to get the most out of Google Ads and Bing Ads Editor. Plus, it provides insightful negative keyword recommendations to ensure you’re not wasting money on irrelevant clicks.

All of this is backed up by an analysis of bidding history, providing insights into the most profitable keywords available. Be sure you give Spyfu a whirl for your Google Ads, Bing Ads, and PPC management needs.

Key Benefits

  • Get step-by-step guidance for keyword research, competitor’s marketing strategy and more
  • Over 200 video tutorials to broaden your knowledge
  • One-click access to competitor-driven Google Ads research
  • View competitor’s campaign history + every ad split test ever run
  • Bulk upload keyword groups to save time and resources
  • Monitor PPC competitors and detect changes in strategy with ad spend & landing page insights


Spyfu Pricing Plans

Spyfu offers three pricing plans to help you get the best PPC and keyword data.

The Basic Plan is $39/month and grants users 5,000 weekly tracked keyword rankings.

The Professional Plan ups the ante and offers 15,000 weekly tracked keyword rankings for just $39 for the first month and $79 afterward.

For teams who want even more data, the Team Plan provides 10+ years of historical data and 40,000 weekly tracked keyword rankings – all at an unbeatable monthly rate of $299.

With Spyfu’s plans, you can be sure your PPC campaigns are accurate and contain up-to-date keyword data.

Spyfu Trustpilot Rating

Bottom Line

SpyFu is the go-to choice for any PPC marketer wanting to gain an edge in their campaigns.

With this powerful tool, you can uncover competitors’ strategies and make informed decisions on your Google Ads campaigns.

Get the most out of your ppc software by understanding what works best for you, leveraging competitive intelligence, and discovering new opportunities to stay ahead of the competition and increase ROI.

Try SpyFu today to start optimizing your performance in search and paid advertising.

13. Serpstat

Serpstat Homepage


With Serpstat, you gain access to a powerful suite of tools that help maximize your ROI. It offers an exhaustive range of features to analyze websites, competitors, keywords, and backlinks – all within a single integrated platform.  

Advanced metrics, including keyword difficulty, popularity, regional search results, and competition analysis, help you find the most valuable opportunities for your PPC campaigns. 

The PPC Research tool is invaluable for establishing the best parameters for Google Ads and other advertising platforms quickly and accurately. After you review all of the features, check out Serpstat for all your SEO, PPC, and campaign management needs.

Key Benefits

  • Analyze up to 100,000 keywords and compare relevant metrics
  • Compare data from 5 different search databases simultaneously
  • Export region-specific keywords for targeted ads
  • Access a wide range of keyword options, similar words, and suggestions
  • Monitor volume, keyword difficulty, and competition for PPC campaigns
  • Track your closest competitors’ rankings from Google Search results
  • Schedule daily/weekly/monthly reports for rank tracking projects


Serpstat Pricing Plans

Serpstat has five pricing options that can help you with all your organic and paid search needs. The Lite Plan, at $69/month, is perfect for small business owners, freelancers, or entrepreneurs.

The Standard Plan adds to the existing features and costs only $149/month. For in-house teams or agencies looking to start quickly, the Advanced Plan gives access to the entire set of Serpstat’s tools for just $299/month.

Industry leaders can benefit from the Enterprise Plan, which gives them unlimited data points and insights at $499/ month. The Lite and Standard Plans offer a free trial, so you can test out features before committing.

Serpstat Trustpilot Rating

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for the tools needed to succeed in online search and PPC marketing, then Serpstat is what you need for an unfair advantage.

With powerful analytics, keyword research, rank tracking, and more, you can stay ahead of your competition with insights into their strategies.

Get the most out of this ppc management software by utilizing its in-depth analysis to gain a comprehensive perspective of how it can benefit your business.

Try Serpstat today, and take advantage of its optimized capabilities to get the immediate results you want.

What Are PPC tools?

PPC tools are essential marketing technology solutions that manage ad spend and optimize pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

Popular PPC management tools include not just the ones showcased in this article. But Google Keyword Planner and Bing Ads Editor are as well.

With these powerful tools, you can gain a competitive edge in your online advertising efforts and maximize ROI.

The Wrap-Up

If paid advertising and digital marketing are at the core of your strategy, PPC tools can be invaluable for your business. With the solutions in this post, you can utilize powerful analytics to assess your campaigns and maximize ROI faster. 

It’s much easier to create campaigns quickly and track performance in real time with the help of ppc tools and AI software. Don’t settle for less. If you do, inferior products will cause you to lose money, and you may leave unexpected profits on the table. 

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