13 Best Digital Planners For 2024

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Are you tired of scribbling into a messy paper planner? Choosing to simplify to do lists with the best digital planner can help you save time and improve mental health. These innovative solutions keep life organized with customization options you can tailor for personal or team use.

Forget about jotting down specific tasks with sticky notes. Now, you can streamline your personal and professional life in just a few seconds. Many digital planners offer extensive features and benefits, such as seamless syncing, customizable templates, and powerful time-management tools.

Whether you need software for a team or a personal remote work tool, they are a perfect match for everyone – no matter how hectic the schedule. Why wait? Continue reading to find the perfect planner for your unique lifestyle. You’re sure to find that game changer you need to transform chaos into harmony.

AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER: As an affiliate, I receive a commission on any purchases made through the links provided. I only promote products and services that I believe provide value and guarantee honest opinions in my reviews.

What Are the Best Digital Planners?

1. The Custom Planner

The Custom Digital Planner Homepage


Start living the dream life with the best digital planner on the market – The Custom Planner! With this intuitive tool, you can get rid of the do lists and view updates on your smartphone, computer, or iPad to get the most out of your daily schedule.

With five different templates and 67 trackers, you can monitor each aspect of your day effortlessly. Productivity, lifestyle, and health & fitness activities can now be scheduled efficiently. And with the mood tracker and habit tracker, you can make adjustments to improve mental health.

All you need is a free PDF planner app, such as Goodnotes or Xodo to write notes, view projects in real time, and focus on the day’s top priorities. Step into the future of planning and never miss important dates with The Custom Planner, the top choice for professionals who need to effectively meet monthly and quarterly goals.

Key Benefits

  • Maximize productivity with a well-tuned business planner, paving the way for efficient project management
  • Unlock key priorities through a streamlined workflow, and catapult your goals with the Map Out Your Goals feature
  • Empower personal growth by crafting tailored, sustainable habits utilizing the Custom Planner feature
  • Declutter digitally and modernize your life by consolidating meal plans, fitness trackers, and productivity pages all in one versatile planner app
  • Experience unparalleled flexibility in managing your successful lifestyle, thanks to full compatibility across all devices


The Custom Planner Pricing Page
  • Custom Digital Planner – $12.89
  • Modern Planner – $12.75
  • Classic Planner – $9.90
  • Digital Planner Pack – $19.28
  • Simplicity Journal – $9.99
  • Notebooks & Flashcards – $6.99
  • Recipe Books – $9.98

Bottom Line

The Custom Planner offers personalized digital planning that provides self-compassionate productivity. With this planner, you can easily have a complete overview of your priorities and tasks.

It’s the perfect way to organize, prioritize, and manage all that needs doing on any given day or for weeks at a time!

Cutting-edge technology allows you to customize your planner and set reminders and notifications to stay on track toward your goals.

2. nTask

Task Digital Planner Homepage


Task, the ultimate solution among the best digital planners, elevates productivity and organization to unprecedented output levels.

It offers customizable templates catering to diverse needs and all-in-one project management software to enhance efficiency by more than 300%.

Seamlessly track progress, set crucial reminders, and optimize workflows like an expert. Stay ahead of the curve and conquer your goals with Task – the essential tool for unprecedented success.

Key Benefits

  • Attain peak productivity with Task – the ultimate digital planner tailored to meet the demands of teachers, healthcare professionals, event planners, project managers, and business professionals
  • Simplify project planning and cultivate the right mindset for improved productivity
  • Design custom workflows for streamlined processes tailored to your specific profession
  • Set deadlines and due dates for personal growth and accountability
  • Track time spent on projects with the automatic timer, reducing digital clutter and enhancing focus
  • Sync meetings with your calendar and ensure device compatibility for seamless integration, boosting team engagement and focus


Task Pricing Options
  • Premium $3 per month billed annually
  • Business $8 per month billed annually
  • 7-Day Free Trial for Basic, Premium, & Business Plans

Bottom Line

Task is a powerful tool for businesses to manage multiple projects efficiently and increase productivity. Its multiple project planner tool provides an organized overview of all tasks and progress while offering easy collaboration.

The synced data across all devices ensures nothing is missed, and the clear task priorities and deadlines optimize progress.

Businesses can stay confident with Task’s functionalities and digitally manage deadlines to ensure success.

3. Monday.com

Monday.com Digital Planner Homepage


Monday.com is ideal for professionals seeking the best digital planners to enhance productivity and organization.

This collaborative operating system offers a comprehensive approach to managing work projects and processes with customizable dashboards and templates.

It adapts to your changing needs and enables confident decision-making, effortless task tracking, and streamlined workflows.

Experience unparalleled control over your daily tasks and deadlines, propelling you towards success with Monday.com’s innovative digital planner solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Boost Productivity with Custom Workflows: Tailor each workflow to specific team requirements. Reduce bottlenecks, optimize processes, and enhance overall efficiency.
  • Centralize Tasks, Processes, and Files for Collaborative Success: Create a single workspace for your team to communicate, manage tasks, and collaborate with ease.
  • Stay in the Loop with Real-time Notifications: Avoid missing vital updates and task deadlines with real-time notifications, ensuring you always know the progress made by your team members.
  • Foster Team Productivity and Rapport: Personal progress trackers and performance metrics help motivate employees while encouraging collaboration.
  • Customizable Dashboards for Birds-eye Overview: Customize your dashboards to showcase the most relevant information, helping you track progress towards your objectives more efficiently.
  • Integration with Your Favorite Tools: Seamless integrations to popular tools such as Slack, Trello, and Google Drive, streamlining your communication and project management.
  • Secure and Reliable Platform: Rest assured with monday.com’s enterprise-level security, ensuring your data remains protected while adhering to industry standards like GDPR, ISO, and SOC2 for regulatory compliance.


Monday.com Pricing Options
  • Free – $0 per month
  • Basic – $10 per month
  • Standard – $12 per month
  • Pro – $20 per month
  • Enterprise – Custom Package | Call for assistance
  • Annual Plans Will Save you 18%

Bottom Line

Monday.com is a powerful Work OS that eliminates the boundaries between teams, unifies different departments, and fosters collaboration to keep everyone on the same page.

It helps businesses shape workflows to their liking while optimizing task management. This digital planner offers easy-to-use tools to manage, organize, and customize projects allowing the team to stay aligned, communicate effectively, and remove blockers.

Experience streamlined planning with Monday.com and elevate your project management.

4. Evo Printables Fitness Digital Planner

Evo Printables Digital Planner


Evo Printables Fitness Digital Planner works seamlessly with GoodNotes, Notability, and other popular apps. It features different layouts that allow you to add a personalized touch.

Designed for iPads, Android tablets, and more, this Healthy Self Care Journal Template offers 40 custom covers and over 500 templates to optimize productivity, organization, and focus.

Effortlessly track progress, set deadline reminders, and streamline your workouts, meal planning, and daily tasks from one daily planner page that includes hyperlinks. With Evo Printables, conquer tasks and achieve your goals like never before.

Key Benefits

  • Easy PDF Digital Download: Enjoy instant access to Evo Digital Fitness Planner in a convenient PDF format to quickly view the calendar and start planning workouts.
  • Wide Customization Options: Easily utilize and personalize your planner app with Notability, Xodo, Goodnotes, or Noteshelf to tailor your experience.
  • Over 500 Templates: Gain unlimited access to an extensive library of over 500 templates, empowering you to structure your digital planner however you like.
  • Stand Out with Unique Designs: Customize your Evo Digital Fitness Planner with a variety of unique cover designs and fonts, so your daily planner reflects your individual style.
  • Multi-Purpose Planning: Manage various aspects of your life, from meal management and goal-setting to workout planning, with this versatile planner app.


Evo Printable Pricing

Bottom Line

Evo Printables’ Fitness Digital Planner offers an innovative option for workout enthusiasts, allowing for personalized start dates and distinctive cover designs with your own unique text.

This advanced planner app includes hyperlinks, clickable tabs, and easy-to-navigate buttons that effortlessly guide users through notes, workouts, meal plans, and goal-setting. Achieve your athletic aspirations with this powerful tool designed to streamline your fitness journey.

5. On Planners

On Planners Digital Planner Homepage


In today’s fast-paced world, a versatile daily planner offers the ideal solution for managing tasks efficiently and staying organized.

On Planners provide a wide array of customizable templates, allowing users to track progress, set reminders for crucial deadlines, and optimize their workflow like never before.

With a large variety of planner pages, you can select what works best to stay organized, maximize efficiency and reach those monumental milestones faster than ever before.

Invest in On Planners and redefine success with daily, weekly, monthly, or undated apps that feature a minimalist design available in light or dark mode.

Key Benefits

  • Wide Variety of Planner Pages: On Planner offers a selection that caters to all your scheduling needs, including daily, weekly, and monthly planning options for ultimate flexibility and convenience.
  • Fitness & Workout Planners: Not just for business, On Planner also provides fitness and workout planners to integrate seamlessly into your daily routine, helping achieve both professional and personal goals.
  • Compatible with Multiple Apps: Easily use On Planner with popular note-taking apps like Noteshelf, Xodo, Notability, and Goodnotes, making it the best digital planner solution for both iOS and Android devices.
  • Efficient Task Tracking & Goal-Setting: With On Planner, you can effortlessly keep track of to do lists, meetings, and goals on all your devices, ensuring you stay on top of your professional life and maximizing productivity.
  • Instant PDF Downloads: Download On Planner PDFs and upload to your favorite app for immediate usage, helping you streamline your workflow and focus on achieving your goals now.
  • Adaptable to Various Business Needs: On Planner’s extensive range of features and customizations make it the ideal choice for professionals across industries, providing a tailored business planner for everyone.


On Planners Pricing

Bottom Line

On Planners offers many digital planners to help you maintain organization and focus on your daily priorities. These planners showcase a variety of expertly designed layouts that make managing your to do list a delight.

Available in both white and dark mode, these adaptable planners can be downloaded instantly for use on your tablet. Experience the convenience and flexibility of digital planning without losing the familiarity of traditional paper planners.

6. Todoist

Todoist Digital Planner Homepage


For those seeking a business planner focused primarily on to do lists, Todoist stands out as the ultimate choice for managing tasks effectively.

Offering an impressive range of customizable templates and 80+ integrations, users can tailor their experience to cater to specific requirements.

Simplify task management and stay focused on daily objectives with features like intuitive progress tracking, recurring due dates, timely reminders, and a minimalist design.

Equip yourself with Todoist, the innovative productivity enhancer that guarantees success with calendar views, lists, shared workspaces, and a notes section.

Key Benefits

  • World’s #1 Task Manager: Todoist is the best digital planner for business professionals, trusted and loved by over 42 million people around the globe.
  • Easily Organize Workflow: Effortlessly add tasks, notes, or even a blog post due date to your to do lists with the natural language recognition feature. .
  • Boost Productivity: Create laser-focused to-do lists to help you stay on track, enabling you to achieve more and excel in your business.
  • Universal Compatibility: Todoist works seamlessly on any device or platform, making it the ultimate business planner for on-the-go professionals.
  • Rich Project Templates: Todoist offers an extensive library of flexible project templates, so you can easily start and adapt as your needs evolve.
  • Customizable and Scalable: Tailor your Todoist workspace to meet your unique business requirements, whether you’re a small startup or an established company.
  • Real-time Collaboration: Share and assign notes easily, fostering better teamwork and driving success across the organization.


Todoist Pricing Page
  • Free – $0 (Includes 5 Active Projects)
  • Pro – $4/monthly. (Includes 300 Active Projects)
  • Business – $6/monthly. (Includes 500 Active Projects

Bottom Line

Todoist, is a highly-rated business planner that empowers users to overcome overwhelm and stay on top of essential tasks. With seamless synchronization across all devices, Todoist ensures important tasks remain organized and in control.

Its compatibility with 10+ apps and plugins allows users to review and add tasks from virtually anywhere, providing the confidence to make steady progress in both personal and professional domains. Experience the transformative organization and productivity enhancement Todoist offers today.

7. Notion

Notion Digital Planner Homepage


Combining the best daily planner functions with AI into one powerful platform, Notion revolutionizes productivity for the modern workforce.

This comprehensive workspace effortlessly manages wikis, docs, and projects, enabling users to centralize knowledge and enhance organization.

With a sizeable array of customizable productivity templates, Notion makes project management seamless, offering deadline reminders and progress tracking for optimal focus.

Embrace the future of work – streamline your workflow and achieve your goals with the unrivaled efficiency of Notion.

Key Benefits

  • Easily create organizational-wide access and transparency: Notion enables businesses to connect teams effortlessly, providing clear visibility and access to all projects and team members.
  • Empower your team with Docs and Wiki’s: Create and share essential documents and knowledge resources on Notion’s platform for easy access, ensuring your team stays informed and aligned on every project.
  • User-friendly drag and drop features: Notion’s intuitive drag and drop interface allows anyone to update pages without technical expertise, making it a versatile tool for all types of business professionals.
  • Optimize productivity with checklists, to-do’s, and projects: Notion offers a range of features like checklists and to-do’s, making it the ideal solution for managing and tracking progress across various projects and tasks.
  • Keep everyone on track and answer all questions in one simple update: Notion’s update and notification system ensures your team stays informed, enabling them to address questions and concerns promptly, promoting transparency and collaboration.
  • Harness the power of connected workspaces: Notion centralizes all your work in one place, making it the ultimate solution for businesses seeking to streamline their processes and collaborate effectively for maximum efficiency.


Notion Pricing Page
  • Free – (Individual Plan)
  • Plus – $8/monthly. (Small Teams)
  • Business $15/monthly. (Multiple Teams)
  • Enterprise – Custom Packaging Options Available

Bottom Line

Notion, a top choice among companies with large teams, serves as an exceptional hub for asynchronous communication.

With its powerful collaborative docs feature, team members experience enhanced work efficiency and seamless document editing, minimizing instances of overlapping tasks.

Notion’s commitment to radical transparency ensures that vital information, such as meeting notes and specific tasks, is never duplicated.

As a G2 industry leader, it has solidified its position as the definitive source of truth for collaborative, remote teams striving for efficacy and productivity.

8. My Daily Planners

My Daily Planners Homepage


My Daily Planners is the best digital planner for iPad users seeking improved productivity and organization.

Designed for seamless compatibility with GoodNotes and other note-taking apps, these planners boast professional design that includes hyperlinks.

Choose from daily, weekly, or monthly pages, and enhance your focus with streamlined task management.

Empower your goal-setting with reminders, progress tracking, and a perfect-fit planner tailored to your needs. Make 2024 your most successful year yet with My Daily Planners.

Key Benefits

  • Seamless Integration: My Daily Planners boasts compatibility with both iOS and Google, making it the ideal planner for professionals on any platform.
  • Effortless Scheduling: Its intuitive sliding calendar view allows users to easily view tasks, events, meetings, and the daily schedule to work more efficiently.
  • Customizable Reminders: My Daily Planners enables users to set hourly reminders, all-day events, and preview their agenda to stay on top of their schedule.
  • Cross-Device Accessibility: Receive timely reminders on any device, such as smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, iPads, or desktops – ensuring you never miss an important deadline or meeting.
  • Alexa Integration: For added convenience, My Daily Planners integrates seamlessly with Amazon’s Alexa, providing voice-activated assistance to keep your day running smoothly.


My Daily Planners Pricing

Bottom Line

My Daily Planners are thoughtfully designed PDF templates with clickable hyperlinks for seamless, efficient navigation between daily, weekly, and monthly pages.

Users enjoy the convenience of swift and organized planning, all without the hassle of an app.

Please note, My Daily Planners do not sync with the Google calendar or Apple calendars, making it the ideal solution for on-the-go individuals seeking a streamlined, hassle-free organizational tool.

9. Amethyst & Garnet Digital Planners

Amethyst & Garnet Digital Planner Homepage


Amethyst & Garnet presents the best digital planners, expertly crafted to boost productivity while promoting peace and harmony.

These cutting-edge planners offer customizable templates for journals, notebooks, printables, & more to ensure an ideal fit for every individual’s unique lifestyle.

Effortlessly manage tasks, track progress, and set crucial reminders while streamlining your workflow like never before.

With Amethyst & Garnet, conquer your goals and stay ahead of the game by embracing the ultimate tool for success.

Key Benefits

  • Download and start planning with Amethyst & Garnet Digital Planners, the best digital planners, in minutes as they come in a convenient PDF format.
  • Enhance your planning experience with a library of stickers and digital accessories, perfect for customization and organization.
  • Experience effortless navigation through self-set hyperlinks, eliminating the need for highlighters, pens, or a stylus.
  • Stay on track by syncing your devices to receive alerts and reminders on any device—never miss an important deadline again.
  • Embrace the digital era and ditch those bulky paper planners by using Amethyst & Garnet Digital Planners for a clutter-free, eco-friendly alternative.


Amethyst & Garnet Pricing
  • All Digital Planners – $14.00

Bottom Line

Achieving balance and harmony has never been easier with the best digital planners on the market – the Amethyst & Garnet Digital Planners.

These comprehensive tools not only support your scheduling needs but also encompass dedicated sections for wellness, nutrition, fitness, finance, and more.

Transform your daily productivity and lifestyle with these elegant, user-friendly planners, designed to become your go-to digital assistant for a well-rounded, organized life. Experience the Amethyst & Garnet difference today.

10. Click Up

ClickUp Digital Planner Homepage


Dive into the world of the best digital planners as ClickUp 3.0 revolutionizes team productivity and collaboration.

With ClickUp, task management is effortless through customizable templates tailored to meet unique needs.

You can effortlessly track progress, set vital reminders, and streamline workflows to achieve goals like a pro.

Get ahead with ClickUp, the essential tool that transcends monday.com, Smartsheet, and Notion—ushering in the next era of success.

Key Benefits

  • Maximize efficiency with ClickUp’s all-in-one platform, featuring whiteboards, dashboards, docs, and tasks to simplify your workflow.
  • Enhance team collaboration through ClickUp’s built-in chat function – share goals, strategize, and track progress in real-time.
  • Stay on schedule and boost productivity by managing and tracking any project or task with ClickUp’s versatile tools.
  • Simplify your digital workspace by integrating ClickUp with other apps, centralizing all your work in one powerful platform.


ClickUp Pricing
  • Free – (Personal Use)
  • Unlimited Plan – $9.00/mo. (Small Teams)
  • Business Plan – $19.00/mo. (Mid-Size Teams)
  • Business Plus – $29.00/mo. ( Multiple Teams)
  • Enterprise – (Customizable Packages w/varying price models)

Bottom Line

ClickUp, among the best digital planners, revolutionizes team collaboration by streamlining workflows and centralizing task management on a single platform.

With versatile templates for bug reports, blog posts, contact management, and landing pages, ClickUp enhances productivity.

Employ checklists to prevent missed steps and delegate tasks to team members, propelling efficiency and simplifying your projects.

11. Asana

Asana Digital Planner Homepage


For the ultimate organization and efficiency, Asana outshines as one of the best digital planners available today.

Its design seamlessly connects projects and team members. This revolutionary software empowers users to manage tasks, minimize duplicates, and boost cross-functional visibility.

Choose from multiple customizable templates, track progress effortlessly, and experience unparalleled workflow optimization.

Dive into the world of Asana and confidently conquer your company-wide objectives with this extraordinary digital planner.

Key Benefits

  • Streamline your team’s productivity with Asana’s new workflow builder, allowing you to design automated processes that work best for your business, making it one of the best digital planners available.
  • Stay on top of project progression using Asana’s visual Kanban boards, so you can make instant adjustments and ensure smooth collaboration among team members.
  • Sync your team’s schedules with Asana’s shareable calendar, keeping everyone on the same page and working towards shared goals without confusion or wasted time.
  • Gain real-time insights with Asana’s comprehensive reporting, allowing you to track progress, identify opportunities for improvement, and make data-driven decisions for your business.
  • Work from anywhere, anytime using Asana’s mobile and desktop apps, giving you the flexibility to stay connected and make the most out of every workday.


Asana Pricing Plans
  • Basic – $0
  • Premium – $10.99/mo. per user
  • Business – $24.99/mo. per user

Bottom Line

Asana, one of the best digital planners, revolutionizes the way teams collaborate by empowering cross-functional units across organizations.

By streamlining tasks and seamlessly integrating with tools such as Slack, Google Drive, Outlook, Gmail, and Zoom, Asana helps eliminate the need for switching platforms.

This efficient application supports businesses in reducing silos, keeping everyone aligned, and fostering enhanced productivity through repeatable processes. Experience streamlined teamwork with Asana as your dependable solution.

12. Trello

Trello Digital Planner Homepage


Trello, one of the best digital planners, effortlessly elevates productivity and organization for professionals.

This dynamic tool offers project management tools and workflows, making task management seamless for every unique need.

With innovative boards, lists, and cards, users can easily track progress, set reminders, and streamline workflows like a pro.

Stay ahead of the game with Trello and achieve your goals in record time.

Key Benefits

  • Easily view progress with Trello boards: A glance at the organized boards instantly shows what’s been done, making Trello one of the best digital planners.
  • Customizable task and to-do lists: Personalize your workflow with Trello’s flexible task and to-do list options tailored for business professionals.
  • Stay on track with calendar view: Trello’s calendar view provides a clear vision of upcoming tasks and deadlines, ensuring efficient time management.
  • Streamline your process with app integrations: Trello integrates with popular apps like Slack and Google Drive, delivering a custom fit and seamless experience.
  • Identify potential issues with the timeline view: Trello’s informative timeline view quickly uncovers bottlenecks or overlaps, helping businesses tackle challenges proactively.
  • Transform collaboration with team boards: Trello enables easy communication and collaboration within teams, making it the best tool for organizing group projects and tasks.


Trello Pricing Plans
  • Free – $0/mo. (Individuals)
  • Standard – $6/mo. (Small Teams)
  • Premium – $12.50/mo. (Mid-Size Teams)
  • Enterprise – (Pricing varies base on number of users)

Bottom Line

Trello, one of the best digital planners available, enables teams to effortlessly streamline projects and boost productivity.

By offering a versatile system adaptable to any team, workflow, or project type, Trello ensures unparalleled organization. Users can easily visualize tasks and monitor progress with its intuitive layout.

Sign-up, create a board, and unleash the full potential of this convenient, user-friendly platform to get work done efficiently and effectively.

13. Any.do

Any Do Digital Planner Homepage


In today’s remote workspace, staying organized is crucial for success. Any.do emerges as one of the best digital planners available, designed to enhance productivity, focus, and organization for individuals and teams.

Boasting a user base of over 30 million, it offers seamless task management with customizable templates, progress tracking, and deadline reminders.

Elevate your workflow like a seasoned pro and achieve your goals using this intuitive, all-in-one solution. Choose Any.do and empower yourself with an innovative, reliable, and efficient tool for daily success.

Key Benefits

  • Easy-to-use templates: Any.do offers simple, customizable templates for efficient client management, making it one of the best digital planners available.
  • Seamless syncing: The platform syncs effortlessly with clients’ work tools, gathering feedback and comments for streamlined collaboration.
  • All-in-one organization: Any.do provides the convenience of lists, tasks, and Calendar views all within a single app, catering to various business needs.
  • Flexible alerts: Stay on top of your schedule with one-time and recurring alerts across multiple devices, ensuring you never miss a deadline or meeting.
  • Integrated daily planning: Full integration in the daily planner offers efficient time management and increased productivity for business professionals.
  • Client-focused features: Any.do tailors its features to meet the evolving demands of modern businesses, making it the best digital planner for professionals from all sectors.


Any Do Pricing Plans
  • Personal – $0/mo.
  • Premium – $3/mo. per user
  • Teams – $5/mo. per user

Bottom Line

Transform your productivity with Any.do, the best digital planner boasting an award-winning design and powerful features.

Seamlessly organize daily, weekly, and monthly tasks alongside calendar events in one unified view. Effortlessly set up one-time or recurring reminders, and make use of location reminders for optimal efficiency.

Any.do empowers users to achieve their goals, stay organized, and never forget a thing.

What Are Digital Planners?

Digital planners are innovative tools designed to help users effectively manage schedules, tasks, and more.

The best digital planners integrate advanced organization features, enhancing productivity and streamlining daily plans across various platforms.

Harnessing their convenience, versatility, and eco-friendly approach, digital planners have become essential tools for modern organization needs.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it, folks! The 13 best digital planners for 2024, catering to all sorts of planning aficionados.

Boasting an array of distinctive features and offering a myriad of tailor-made design options, this collection caters to the diverse tastes and preferences of solopreneurs, business owners, and individuals from all walks of life.

My personal recommendation? Give the eco-friendly and versatile Custom Planner or Task a go – your future self will thank you!

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