79 New Remote Work Tools for 2024

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Say goodbye to unproductive days and inadequate communication as you embrace the world of remote work. If your work demands continue to increase, you must utilize remote work tools to stay competitive.

Remaining a formidable force in a competitive world requires an effective work-life balance that doesn’t sacrifice family time for extra hours at the office. Fortunately, I can offer you a fantastic range of options to enhance your productivity, performance, and connections like you’ve never experienced before.

You can avoid struggling to meet deadlines, missing critical updates, or feeling overwhelmed by an ever-growing to-do list. This extensive will allow you to master work-life balance like never before, leaving you more satisfied and invigorated with your performance.

What Are the Best Remote Work Tools in 2024?

Ready to reshape your strategies, stay informed, and develop a solid-proof system for working remotely? Let’s dig in!

Team Communication and Video Conferencing Apps

1. Zoom

Zoom Homepage

Zoom is a game-changing mobile and desktop app for video calls and remote meetings. Boasting easy-to-use, flexible features, it streamlines communication and organization – transforming your virtual workspace.

Whether connecting with coworkers, clients, friends, or family, Zoom brings them all within reach, anytime, anywhere, with just a few clicks. 

Elevate your remote work efficiency to new heights and unlock boundless productivity with Zoom, the ultimate solution for today’s dynamic work environment.

2. TeamViewer

TeamViewer Homepage

For today’s remote teams, the demands for productivity are higher than ever, and TeamViewer rises to the challenge. This powerhouse is a free screen sharing tool that offers superior functionality and affordability in an easy-to-setup, user-friendly interface.

Say goodbye to interruptions and embrace the collaborative nature of TeamViewer for seamless remote access, connecting desktops, laptops, web conferences, and mobile devices effortlessly.

Don’t let distance hinder you—unlock your potential with TeamViewer, the ultimate solution for unbeatable productivity other remote work tools don’t provide.

3. Nextiva

Nextiva Homepage

Nextiva is a remote working technology that offers efficient and intuitive digital tools. It enables rapid communication and collaboration through its robust cloud-based system, revolutionizing the digital workspace.

By streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity, Nextiva transforms the methods in which remote workers connect and manage their tasks.

Experience the ultimate convenience of an all-in-one platform that caters to every aspect of remote work with superior efficiency.

4. Troop messenger

Troop Messenger Homepage

Discover the power of seamless collaboration and skyrocketing productivity with Troop Messenger – your ultimate solution for remote work platforms and work from home productivity tools.

Equip your team with an array of innovative features, including group video calling, screen sharing, file sharing, and instant messaging, that promote efficient communication and smooth collaboration. Troop Messenger’s flexibility makes it a perfect match for businesses and freelancers.

Forget about miscommunication or delays in project execution. With Troop Messenger, unlock the potential of your remote team and let them thrive in a connected ecosystem.

5. Happeo

Happeo Homepage

Revolutionizing the remote work solutions landscape, Happeo is the ultimate platform for streamlining productivity while working from home. Designed to empower teams globally, Happeo provides innovative tools and features that redefine the remote work experience.

By integrating seamless communication, collaboration, and organization abilities, Happeo becomes the hub connecting diverse remote workers into one cohesive unit.

Imagine collaborating on projects effortlessly, exchanging ideas instantly, and managing tasks expeditiously – all packaged within a user-friendly interface that fosters an inspiring, positive, and supportive work environment.

6. Shift

Imagine a remote work environment where your team’s collaboration and communication reach new heights effortlessly. Enter Shift, the ultimate tool for enhancing collaboration among remote teams with a streamlined workflow to transform productivity and efficiency.

Enjoy better communication, secure file sharing, and real-time collaboration as Shift connects every member seamlessly, regardless of distance. Its top-notch security measures ensure your team stays focused on projects rather than worrying about data breaches.

Experience the power of Shift for your remote workforce, and witness the positive impact on your team dynamics, keeping everyone connected, effective, and in complete control.

7. Blink

Blink Homepage

Discover the power of Blink, an innovative collaboration tool revolutionizing how remote teams, frontline workers, and professionals seeking productivity boost connect and work.

Engineered to streamline daily workflows, Blink enhances connectivity, improves coordination, and skyrockets productivity with top-notch frontline intelligence.

This indispensable tool seamlessly facilitates access to external applications, unlocking the potential of remote workers to accomplish more in less time while making the working process a breeze.

8. Tandem

Tandem Homepage

Improve your remote team management with Tandem, a comprehensive communication solution that creates a seamless virtual office for your team, featuring a sleek and intuitive interface.

Effortlessly switch between video conferencing, online meetings, and spontaneous chats, all within a single platform.

No more app hopping, just seamless collaboration. Tandem streamlines your workflow, supercharges efficiency, and encourages genuine connectivity among team members.

9. Figma

Figma Homepage

Transform your workflows with Figma, the ultimate WFH tool that helps designers, UI/UX professionals, and teams collaborate on state-of-the-art projects. Join other forward thinkers in revolutionizing ideas and unlocking endless creative possibilities!

Figma’s streamlined workflow automation saves precious time and effort when designing websites, mobile applications, and user interfaces, leaving you more space for creativity and imagination.

With its state-of-the-art collaboration features, seamless online whiteboard creation, and real-time communication, Figma connects you with team members all around the globe, unleashing limitless potential other remote work tools can’t provide.

10. ProofHub

ProofHub Homepage

Don’t miss a project deadline with ProofHub. Take advantage of powerful tools that let you plan, delegate and review everyone’s work in one streamlined system so nothing falls through the cracks. Utilize Gantt charts, custom workflows, and detailed reports to visualize your objectives and stay ahead of the game.

At the core of ProofHub is its ability to streamline your workflow by consolidating every aspect of project management into one powerful, intuitive platform. It allows you to cut out tedious and redundant tasks to free up time for more important things while increasing work efficiency.

The interface of this product is user-friendly and easy to understand. It allows team members and clients to utilize instant messaging, which leads to a more motivated workforce and faster business growth.

11. Pitch

Elevate your team communication to new heights with Pitch – the ultimate solution for streamlining communication, boosting productivity, and enhancing creativity.

Whether for seamless collaboration, efficient project management, or crafting polished presentations, Pitch’s user-friendly interface and versatile features make it incredibly convenient.

Professionals across diverse fields can effortlessly adapt Pitch to their needs, ensuring timely and effective results without the need for a centralized location.

12. Webex

Webex Homepage

Discover the power of Webex as it revolutionizes seamless collaboration by providing an all-in-one communication solution. With this platform, you can expect unmatched efficiency with cutting-edge virtual meetings.

Now teams can communicate and collaborate from any location. Webex boasts exceptional webinar management capabilities, empowering businesses to host engaging and educational global events.

Its innovative cloud-calling feature transcends geographical barriers, elevating remote work with ease. With Webex, enhancing productivity and fortifying team communication have never been more accessible for businesses of all sizes.

13. Drift

Drift Homepage

Drift is a cutting-edge conversational cloud storage solution designed specifically for marketing, sales, and services sectors. With the power of real-time customer engagement, other remote working tools pale in comparison.

Drift’s AI-driven chatbot revolutionizes how businesses communicate with clients by creating a personalized user experience that accurately understands and addresses customer needs.

Seamless integrations ensure a smooth operation, while the versatile platform optimizes lead generation and conversion rates.

14. Ideagen

Ideagen Homepage

In this era of increasing globalization, collaboration and document security are essential to success. Ideagen’s Document Collaboration Platform is the ultimate solution for teams, businesses, and organizations seeking to streamline workflow and fortify sensitive information.

This cutting-edge software offers a comprehensive document review and co-authoring platform, and a robust redaction tool designed to secure confidential data. Ideagen’s Document Collaboration Platform is your key to upgrading any business.

Unlock efficiency, increase productivity, and safeguard valuable intellectual assets – this tech can revolutionize your processes.

15. GetGuru

GetGuru Homepage

GetGuru can help you make the most of remote working tools. This groundbreaking software makes it easier than ever to collaborate with coworkers, boosting productivity and keeping teams connected.

Boasting an AI-powered knowledge base, GetGuru simplifies communication and also elevates productivity. With its seamless Slack integration, teams benefit from superior collaboration, effortlessly connecting and sharing information.

Time zone adaptability ensures global cooperation, bridging the gaps created by geographical barriers. Additionally, the handy browser extension enables quick and easy access to the comprehensive knowledge base, enriching workflows and decision-making for every team member.

16. Airtable

Airtable Homepage

If your teams juggle complex projects and tight timelines, you know staying connected is critical. Airtable offers an innovative solution with a flexible platform designed specifically for collaboration on time-sensitive tasks.

With its unique Virtual Office feature, Airtable revolutionizes how teams collaborate online and offline. Designed for businesses seeking an innovative and practical Virtual Office experience, Airtable transforms traditional work environments into a dynamic virtual workspace.

This robust software facilitates efficient collaboration between team members and ensures swift productivity with transparent data sharing, streamlined workflows, and a suite full of powerful features. Simply put, it’s the key to successful business operations.

17. Invision App

Designed with user-friendly functionalities, Invision App features a comprehensive suite of online collaboration tools, project management features, and online whiteboards, creating the ultimate virtual workspace for remote professionals.

Driven by innovation, the app also excels at streamlining remote teamwork through effortless ideation, review, and approval of designs, earning its reputation as one of the best products for remote workers.

To boost collaboration further, the Invision App offers real-time feedback and comments, ensuring remote employees stay connected and engaged while working toward shared goals.

Video conferencing tools

18. Loom

Loom Homepage

Loom is the ultimate video messaging, screen recording, and remote work tool designed to improve communication and deliver outstanding results for remote professionals. This powerful yet user-friendly platform brings versatility into every user’s work experience, and allows them to create quick video messages that are simple to edit and share.

By using Loom to record screen activities, remote workers no longer need to rely on lengthy back-and-forth email exchanges or wait for a scheduled call; they can simply produce a video message to address any issue in real-time.

Not only does Loom record and share videos, but it also allows users to receive feedback directly on the videos themselves. This interactive feature enhances one’s remote work experience by streamlining communication and ensuring everyone is on the same page without any ambiguity.

19. Movavi

Movavi Homepage

Imagine a world where crafting visually stunning content becomes a seamless experience, where creativity flows free from technical constraints. Enter the realm of Movavi, a multifaceted platform geared towards providing bloggers, entrepreneurs, business owners, remote workers, and videographers with the ultimate toolkit for producing high-quality imagery.

Harnessing the power of its intuitive slideshow maker, dynamic screen recorder, and versatile video creation suite, Movavi transforms the everyday content creator into an artistic force.

Whether showcasing the intricate details of a bustling metropolis, capturing the subtle charm of a rustic countryside, or narrating the daily triumphs of an entrepreneur, Movavi’s advanced editing tools, crisp transitions, vivid filters, immersive effects, and 4K video support make it all possible.

20. GoTo

GoTo Homepage

Unleashing the power of seamless communication, GoTo’s communication and collaboration tool pioneers a revolutionary strategy to sharpen your remote workforce’s skills. Experience top-tier real-time instant messaging for flawless interaction and securely encrypted data transfer, vital for safeguarding company information.

But it doesn’t end there – GoTo’s unmatched webinar software empowers personnel to excel with cutting-edge online training programs and enriched group learning sessions.

With GoTo’s streamlined platform, watch productivity soar as you manage multiple projects simultaneously, propel resource sharing, and fine-tune remote collaboration. Infused with industry-leading innovation, GoTo’s user-friendly interface bridges all gaps in remote work dynamics.

21. Whereby

Whereby stands out as a premier remote work tool, effortlessly facilitating team collaboration through seamless video call integration and browser-based virtual rooms.

It offers individuals and businesses a secure environment, enabling efficient communication and increasing productivity among remote teams.

This platform is the go-to solution for enhanced team collaboration that transforms the concept of working remotely. With a unique interface, it gives your team the accessibility they need to achieve goals as a cohesive unit.

22. Chanty

Chanty Homepage

Miss having those water-cooler conversations? Chanty is here to revitalize team collaboration and communication. This cutting-edge messaging software equips you with the latest remote work tools so your teams can continue thriving without having to be in the same room.

With Chanty, you get seamless video conferencing, screen sharing, and video call software with many features for maximum efficiency. Chanty integrates into existing workflows, so your team can avoid potential headaches and increase productivity.

Don’t let distance hinder your team’s success. Harness the power of Chanty and sign up for a free trial to see what it can do.

23. Vidyard

Vidyard Homepage

Vidyard is here to help businesses soar into the digital age. The platform provides users with an easy-to-use tool that enables video creation and strategic sharing across various platforms – think LinkedIn, email, you name it.

Advanced analytics and tracking capabilities offer an invaluable glimpse into your organization, allowing you to make smarter decisions that are sure to take it further. With easy integration into CRM and marketing automation tools, Vidyard optimizes conversions and increases sales.

Through its versatility, this innovative platform encourages collaboration, and offers tailored solutions for diverse business requirements.

24. Crystal Interactive

Crystal Interactive Homepage

In an era where remote work tools are growing in importance, Crystal Interactions is here to revolutionize event management.

By incorporating cutting-edge features, such as smart wearable badges, streamlined attendee onboarding, and comprehensive mobile event apps, Crystal Interactions ensures events are more effortless to organize, and more interactive and efficient.

With collaboration tools and real-time analytics, event planners, conference organizers, and corporations can elevate event experiences. If you want to become a pioneer in organizing remote events, look into Crystal Interactions.

25. Avoma

Business professionals seeking peak efficiency can discover Avoma’s AI meeting assistant, providing conversation and revenue intelligence that empowers seamless meeting preparation. 

Experience Avoma’s comprehensive meeting collaboration tools, including dynamic agenda templates and accurate call and meeting transcripts, delivering top-notch functionality. Elevate your meeting experiences by signing up for Avoma today.

Project management and task tracking tools

26. Hive

Hive Homepage

Hive offers businesses unparalleled efficiency and productivity through its diverse suite of project management tools. Transforming traditional workplace methods, it empowers teams with document and video proofing, real-time progress tracking, Gantt view, and AI-assisted emails.

Platform integration remains a focal point, as Hive seamlessly incorporates 1000+ integrations to support existing workflows. This all-in-one remote work tool elevates businesses of all sizes, streamlining processes and propelling their growth to unparalleled heights.

27. Task

Task Homepage

Task is a dynamic project management tool that offers a wide range of collaboration functions for teams of all sizes. With its intuitive task management system, Task makes it easy to manage projects on the go.

You can easily track the real-time progress of projects to ensure teams are performing according to expectations while working remotely.

With Task, you can streamline meetings and easily integrate with other popular applications to ensure continued productivity. Task is the perfect tool for teams looking to stay at the top of their game.

28. Basecamp

Basecamp Homepage

Basecamp is an all-inclusive project management platform that offers an arsenal of collaboration tools designed for teams.

It has an intuitive task management system that makes it easy to keep track of project accomplishments and eliminate repetitive tasks. Remote employees can log in, check the updates and complete work from anywhere.

With Basecamp, staying organized and productive on projects has never been easier. Meetings are a breeze to manage, while progress tracking is streamlined – you can always keep an eye on your project’s status in the blink of an eye.

29. VantageCircle

VantageCircle Homepage

Vantage Circle is an employee recognition and wellness platform that offers more than just collaboration tools.

In addition to real-time progress tracking features, and streamlined employee communication, Vantage Circle also offers employee rewards programs to support and motivate your team.

Improve and grow your organization by using Vantage Circle to promote employee happiness and overall well-being while taking your business to the next level.

30. BlueBoard

Blueboard Homepage

Experience a revolution in teamwork with BlueBoard, the ultimate project management software designed specifically for remote employees.

Power-packed with advanced collaboration tools and real-time progress tracking, BlueBoard not only streamlines team communication but also keeps a keen eye on performance indicators.

What truly sets it apart is its remarkable recognition and wellness platform, fostering appreciation and well-being in the workplace. BlueBoard ensures satisfaction and motivation at every step, propelling organizations and employees towards unparalleled success.

31. Cooleaf

Cooleaf Homepage

Cooleaf, an innovative employee retention platform, ushers in a new era of enterprise empowerment by offering cutting-edge collaboration tools and a comprehensive recognition & wellness platform.

Designed for modern businesses, it flawlessly integrates virtual teams with real-time progress tracking to foster highly productive, engaged workforces.

With a keen focus on employee rewards, Cooleaf transforms workplaces by sparking motivation, boosting morale, and driving top-tier performance that leads to unparalleled success.

32. Todoist

Todoist Homepage

Experience the power of Todoist, a top-tier task manager and to-do list app designed for today’s busy professionals.

It utilizes the power of collaboration tools, enabling seamless team communication to eliminate unnecessary team meetings.

With the convenience of natural language recognition, you can effortlessly input tasks and customize project templates for rapid deployment.

Stay ahead with real-time progress tracking and drive success across industries by transforming your task management experience with Todoist.

33. Scoro

Scoro Homepage

Scoro is the ultimate profitability platform, designed to elevate your business through its task manager, powerful collaboration tools, and innovative interlinking management tools.

This dynamic platform enables seamless communication for your remote team. Featuring real-time progress tracking, customizable project templates, and efficient task bundles, it is a powerful project management software.

Scoro streamlines operations and maximizes productivity, giving you the competitive edge you need. Discover the transformational potential of Scoro — act now and unleash unlimited possibilities.

34. Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Experience Cloud stands as an exceptional strategic planning platform, empowering businesses to transcend limitations through its unparalleled suite of task manager and project management solutions.

By harnessing the robust capabilities of its collaboration tools and integration with Adobe Creative Cloud, professionals can stay productive regardless of time zones.

Stay ahead of the curve with real-time progress tracking, ensuring accountability and efficiency in every project.

With Adobe Experience Cloud’s vast offerings and customizable project templates, you can take your organization to new heights of productivity and innovation.

35. Wrike

Wrike is an all-in-one project management platform designed to streamline and empower businesses on their road to success.

This innovative platform combines a powerful task manager, collaboration tools, and IT workflows that cater to various organizational needs.

Wrike’s risk management and automation engine enhance your team’s efficiency while its remote work tools solidify a seamless work environment.

Take charge of your projects with Wrike’s dynamic platform, making business operations easy and efficient, providing an unmatched experience for modern organizations.

Shared storage and file management tools

36. Dropbox

Dropbox Homepage

Dropbox, a leading digital cloud storage and collaboration platform, offers a powerful suite of tools designed to enhance productivity and streamline operations across organizations, big or small.

Key features encompass document sharing & collaboration, seamless e-Signatures, secure file backups, and centralized password storage. Tailored for the modern workplace,

With its large file delivery capabilities (up to 100GB) and screen capture software, businesses can ensure a smooth workflow for remote employees.

37. Xtensio

Xtensio Homepage

Xtensio, a cutting-edge document building platform, empowers modern professionals by streamlining workflow and enhancing output.

This innovative solution offers essential features such as document sharing & collaboration, image creation, video creation & slideshows, and an extensive template library.

With Xtensio, users can effortlessly transform their ideas into visually stunning and efficiently organized projects, ultimately boosting productivity and ensuring a seamless work experience in today’s fast-paced business landscape.

38. Milanote

Milanote Homepage

Milanote, a cutting-edge visual board creation platform, empowers teams with robust document sharing & collaboration features. Users can harness image creation, storyboarding, and mind-mapping tools for innovative ideation.

With the ability to streamline workflow with dynamic to-do lists, you can optimize remote work productivity. Milanote’s extensive template library caters to diverse projects, enhancing project management capabilities.

Experience unparalleled collaboration and workflow efficiency with Milanote—the ultimate creative collaboration platform.

39. MediaFire

MediaFire offers an empowering and versatile platform that enables users to efficiently manage their document sharing and collaboration.

By providing the ability to share any file type, users can conveniently exchange essential materials such as photos, audio, and videos, ensuring seamless collaboration.

MediaFire’s powerful features, including unlimited downloads, contribute significantly to increasing productivity. With remote access, virtual team members can get the information they need 24/7.

Trust in MediaFire to revolutionize your file storage and sharing experience like never before.

Time-tracking and productivity tools

40. Every Time zone

Every Time Zone Homepage

Every Time Zone is a cutting-edge time zone platform that revolutionizes the way teams manage their collaborations, creating an empowered and efficient working environment.

Serving as a robust collaboration tool, it offers features such as customizable timelines, shareable event times, and the ability to track teams for seamless planning and support.

By streamlining these critical functions, Every Time Zone ensures that every teamwork collaboration session is transformed into a productive, well-coordinated experience, propelling users to new heights of success.

41. Jibble

Jibble Homepage

Jibble, a cutting-edge time tracking software, empowers businesses and entrepreneurs with advanced features to streamline their employee time management and enhance productivity.

With mobile time tracking, Jibble enables staff to clock in and out on-the-go, while employee GPS time tracking ensures accurate location-based attendance. For an extra layer of verification, Jibble features facial recognition and timesheet editing for simple adjustments.

The sophisticated PTO tracker handles vacation days and absences efficiently, helping business owners unlock valuable insights for data-driven decision-making, ultimately bolstering the bottom line.

42. Zapier

Zapier Homepage

Empowering businesses to streamline processes, Zapier is the premier workflow management tool that integrates work apps seamlessly for a truly efficient experience.

From funnel management to data transformation, this robust platform maximizes productivity by allowing users to create automated workflows with ease.

With a vast library of over 5,000 app integrations, Zapier connects essential software, enabling organizations to revolutionize their operations and achieve remarkable results.

43. Calendly

Calendly Homepage

Experience the power of Calendly, a cutting-edge scheduling automation platform designed to streamline your professional life.

With robust reminder and follow-up workflows, Calendly empowers you to increase customer retention and accelerate the sales cycle. You can effortlessly book interviews and manage appointments with email and text reminders to ensure a hassle-free experience.

If you want to experience the benefits of a faster, simpler, and more productive scheduling process, Calendly is the key to unlocking unforeseen profits and growth.

44. Evernote

Evernote Homepage

Evernote, the exceptional productivity app, offers users an array of innovative features designed to streamline work life and enhance efficiency.

It enables individuals to create and assign tasks with ease, effortlessly scan documents within the app, and utilize the time-saving web clipping function.

Seamless integration with Google Calendar ensures optimal organization, while the extensive template library caters to a wide range of professions. Experience unparalleled productivity with Evernote – the ultimate app for conquering professional challenges.

45. DeskTime

DeskTime Homepage

DeskTime, an all-in-one time tracking platform, empowers businesses to propel their productivity and reach new heights of success.

With features such as an automatic time tracker, URL and document tracker, and comprehensive project management tools, this advanced platform seamlessly integrates with hybrid office environments.

Furthermore, DeskTime incorporates the efficient Pomodoro timer technique, ensuring that employees stay focused and productive.

Choose DeskTime for the ultimate solution in managing time, projects, and resources, paving the way for goal attainment and business growth.

46. Ambition

Ambition Homepage

The innovative Ambition sales coaching platform offers businesses and their sales teams a comprehensive solution to enhance engagement, foster accountability, and boost sales activity.

With its ability to develop metric-based coaching programs, Ambition enables organizations to seamlessly monitor performance while utilizing performance trackers to measure progress over time.

In an increasingly competitive market, Ambition provides the necessary tools to empower sales teams, drive growth, and accomplish vital business goals.

47. GitHub

GitHub Homepage

GitHub’s AI productivity and collaboration platform revolutionizes the way software developers work by significantly increasing their velocity and productivity.

Harnessing state-of-the-art coding, building, and testing capabilities, GitHub empowers developers to reach new heights in work efficiency, transforming coding, collaboration, and workflow automation into faster and smarter processes.

What sets GitHub apart from other productivity platforms is its unique AI pair programmer, unmatched ability to automate workflows, and seamless real-time communication functionality.

For developers seeking cutting-edge productivity and efficiency, GitHub is the unparalleled choice.

48. MixMax

MixMax Homepage

Experience unparalleled efficiency and professionalism with MixMax, the ultimate sales engagement platform.

Boasting innovative features such as personalized email, phone, and social media sequences that cater to your target audience, MixMax enables your sales team to simplify customer outreach while maintaining a high level of professionalism.

Additional tools like interactive team dashboards, one-click scheduling, and task management help streamline collaboration, while Salesforce updates ensure your business stays informed and ahead of the curve.

Maximize every interaction and optimize all messaging channels with MixMax, empowering your team to track progress seamlessly and excel in today’s competitive market.

49. Hello Momentum

Hello Momentum Homepage

HelloMomentum transforms the way businesses approach productivity with its groundbreaking platform, designed to bolster efficiency and streamline project management.

Equipped with advanced features, such as project plans & sequencing, intuitive drag & drop interface, comprehensive PDF planning system, seamless project linking, and calendar sync, HelloMomentum provides a user-friendly experience for individuals and teams alike.

By leveraging these key functionalities, organizations can effectively boost their workplace productivity, fostering a more organized and empowered work environment.

50. Front

Front Homepage

Front, a leading customer communication hub, streamlines and strengthens team collaboration with its powerful, integrated features.

Designed for the modern workforce, Front offers automated workflows, inbox integrations and personalization, elevating communication beyond a simple email.

Its advanced measurement capabilities enable businesses to efficiently gauge and enhance both team and customer satisfaction.

Discover the Front advantage, and experience unparalleled connectivity, organization, and productivity in your business communications.

51. Notion

Notion Homepage

Notion, an innovative multi-lingual project management tool, transforms the team collaboration experience for modern professionals.

With a user-friendly drag & drop platform, this all-in-one app connected workspace flawlessly integrates various tools for optimized efficiency.

From meeting notes to vacation planners, Notion simplifies daily organization and prioritization for busy professionals.

Experience increased productivity, seamless collaboration, and empowering success as teams harness the power of Notion’s smart features for an unparalleled workday breakthrough.

52. Rescue Time

Rescue Time Homepage

Rescue Time, a cutting-edge time management software, serves as an invaluable productivity assistant for professionals seeking to optimize their workflow. This innovative focus measurement app enables users to elevate their productivity by accurately measuring concentration levels and supplying smart coaching to reach objectives.

With unique features such as focus sessions for increased productivity, Rescue Time assists users in establishing and effectively accomplishing their goals. As a robust team collaboration tool, this software facilitates seamless integration for enhanced teamwork and superior results.

By providing valuable data, Rescue Time empowers individuals to refine their workplace time management skills, enabling them to work smarter, not harder.

53. To Mighty

To Mighty provides a powerful, productivity-enhancing solution to individuals in search of efficient time management.

As a desktop timer utilizing the Pomodoro technique, this free software under Apache License 2.0 utilizes its QR scan facility to seamlessly get started with time management.

By breaking down work sessions into manageable intervals, To Mighty empowers users to stay focused, maximize productivity, and ultimately, master their valuable time.

Count on To Mighty to conquer the day with precision and effectiveness.

Security & VPN tools

54. Scalefusion

Scalefusion Homepage

Scalefusion offers an unparalleled solution for unified endpoint device management, empowering organizations with robust device security and compliance.

Utilizing advanced AI tools, this innovative platform expertly streamlines the management of smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and IT assets.

By leveraging its cutting-edge script and staging AI capabilities, Scalefusion ensures seamless yet efficient device management, providing enterprises with the ultimate tool to maintain control and enhance productivity in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

55. Last Pass

LastPass Homepage

As a leader in the field of password management, Last Pass offers its users the ability to efficiently and securely centralize their password storage with features such as a password vault and password generator.

This innovative product grants superior password security and digital record storage, allowing for extensive organization and safe sharing of critical information.

Additionally, Last Pass diligently protects user data with dark web monitoring, continuously safeguarding against potential cyber threats and ensuring unparalleled online security.

56. 1 Password

1Password Homepage

1Password revolutionizes password management by securely storing all credentials in an encrypted password vault, ensuring your online accounts remain safe from breaches.

This innovative tool features a password generator, crafting complex and unique passwords for enhanced security.

In addition, 1Password offers dark web monitoring, safe sharing options, and regularly undergoes third-party audits to verify data safety measures.

By seamlessly integrating with your existing security stack, 1Password empowers individuals to proactively protect their online identity through advanced password management.

57. LogMeIn

LogMeIn Homepage

LogMeIn revolutionizes the way businesses operate by providing a seamless remote access platform.

This powerful tool offers versatile features such as GoToMeeting, GoToTraining, and GoToWebinar, which empower organizations to facilitate effective communication and collaboration.

With the innovative GoToMyPC feature, LogMeIn ensures IT access anywhere, anytime, enhancing remote access and support capabilities.

Harness the full potential of LogMeIn and thrive in a world of boundless connectivity and collaboration.

58. Sophos

Sophos Homepage

Sophos offers a fully-managed cybersecurity center designed for organizations seeking a powerful solution for their self-managed security operations.

IT Stack integration and AI automation are at the core of this platform, and that enables businesses to stay ahead of threats with 24/7 threat detection, investigation, and response.

With Sophos’ managed detection and response features, users can now maintain control over their digital worlds with total confidence. Rely on the industry-leading security solutions to protect your most valuable assets – from any geographic location or networked device.

59. Trend Micro

Trend Micro Homepage

Trend Micro’s Cybersecurity Platform is the ultimate solution to keep your IT infrastructure safe from cyber threats. With its comprehensive suite of features, you can be sure that all operations are safeguarded against even the most advanced malicious attacks.

This platform utilizes powerful self-managed security operations to ensure maximum protection against any potential breaches 24/7.

Its sophisticated threat detection features provide a constant guard to detect and investigate threats immediately on discovery–guaranteeing an effective response and proactive defense of your system.

Additionally, the platform offers attack surface intelligence, zero-day initiative, and cloud app protection, providing a seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure.

60. Surfshark

Surfshark Homepage

Surfshark’s impressive network of over 3200 servers delivers robust VPN protection across unlimited devices, ensuring a reliable defense against ad and malware disruptions.

Two-factor authentication and public Wi-Fi protection offer users an extra level of assurance when they log on; giving them peace of mind to confidently explore cyberspace.

Furthermore, Surfshark empowers global travelers by circumventing geographical restrictions, fostering limitless access to digital content from any location.

61. Express VPN

Express VPN Homepage

Surfshark VPN software stands out as a cutting-edge solution that prioritizes user privacy and security.

With features such as ad and malware blockers, one-click protection, and public Wi-Fi protection, Surfshark ensures safe and unrestricted internet access on unlimited devices.

Utilizing best-in-class encryption and leakproofing technology, individuals experience seamless browsing with ultra-fast servers.

Moreover, Surfshark offers users an incredible value, providing three free months when subscribing to the annual plan, making the pursuit of online privacy both effortless and rewarding.

62. IPVanish

IP Vanish Homepage

IPVanish VPN software brings the power of the latest advancements in VPN protocols to your fingertips with an empowering, professional, and informative solution.

This highly-regarded privacy tool provides one-click protection and public Wi-Fi protection, ensuring high-speed connections without traffic logs.

IPVanish prevents advertisers and hackers from monitoring your online activities, offering unparalleled security.

Don’t worry about online safety the next time you surf. 24/7 Customer Support is always ready to help navigate any internet-related issues with ease.

63. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield Homepage

Empowering users with unparalleled online security and flexibility, Hotspot Shield offers an impressive roster of services as an exceptional VPN software.

It boasts 115 locations available at an affordable rate of under $3, military-grade encryption, and high-speed connections ideal for webinars and virtual interactions.

Specifically optimized for streaming services, Hotspot Shield effectively prevents advertisers and hackers from monitoring users’ online activities.

Garnering recognition as the fastest VPN by PC World, this software stands as an excellent choice for anyone seeking a reliable and secure VPN solution.

64. Nord VPN

NordVPN is the ultimate digital guardian, providing exceptional online security and privacy. Its industry-leading solutions are designed to protect users’ data so they can browse with complete peace of mind.

With over 5500 VPN servers, a no-logs policy, and no limits on bandwidth or speed, customers can experience high-speed connections and remain anonymous in their online activities.

Moreover, NordVPN’s cutting-edge AES-256 encryption technology, optional password manager, file encryption tool, and malware protection work collectively to ensure a powerful defense against cyberthreats.

Trust NordVPN for comprehensive digital protection.

Online document creation and sharing tools

65. Scribe

Scribe Homepage

Scribe, a revolutionary document creation platform, empowers businesses to effortlessly generate how-to guides, build training materials, and onboard new hires.

Boasting over 100+ integrations, Scribe offers step-by-step guides that enable seamless creation of diverse documents.

To ensure documents are visually appealing and professional, Scribe provides page templates tailored to users’ needs.

Additionally, the screen recorder feature adds convenience for better instruction and communication. Experience the future of document creation with Scribe.

66. Penneo

Penneo Homepage

Penneo Sign revolutionizes the digital document signature process with its advanced identity verification and data collection capabilities, facilitating workflow automation for businesses.

With efficiency in mind, the platform securely obtains IDs and bank details, eliminating the need for emailing sensitive information, while providing limited access to protect privacy.

Penneo Sign users can effortlessly create digital signatures from any device, ensuring reliable identity validation, and customize productivity with adaptable form templates.

67. Visme

Visme Homepage

Empowering professionals in various industries, Visme revolutionizes the presentation and document creation process with its all-in-one platform.

Offering innovative tools that enable users to create visually captivating and interactive pitch decks, reports, proposals, and white papers, Visme effectively streamlines professional presentations.

Further enhancing the user experience with interactive charts & graphs, social media content & videos, wireframes & mockups, and interactive content & infographics, Visme ensures a comprehensive and efficient design process.

Enabled by robust collaboration tools, the platform fosters seamless teamwork and collaborative workflows, solidifying Visme as an essential asset in the modern professional landscape.

68. SproutSocial

SproutSocial Homepage

Sproutsocial, a social media management platform, empowers users by providing cutting-edge features that help reveal trends and insights.

Through its ability to organize, schedule, and deliver content, the platform aids businesses in increasing social monitoring and responsiveness.

With social data dashboards, users can analyze and track topics, while ad campaign analysis enables marketers to optimize their campaigns efficiently.

Overall, Sproutsocial facilitates streamlined management and results-driven growth for social media accounts.

69. Lucid Chart

Lucid Chart Homepage

Lucidchart is the intelligent diagramming application designed to empower users with the ability to visualize processes, systems, and structures effectively.

Its robust collaboration tools, including a virtual whiteboard and sketch feature, encourage seamless teamwork on flowchart diagrams. Integrating effortlessly with essential applications like Google Workspace, Microsoft, Slack, and more,

Lucidchart simplifies interdisciplinary communication. The software also supports creating detailed process maps, ensuring organizations experience increased productivity and well-coordinated, data-driven decision-making.

70. Aha!

Aha! delivers a comprehensive suite of product development tools, diligently designed to elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of product development team leaders. 

The platform offers an array of App enticing features, such as visual roadmaps for strategic planning, custom training templates to streamline workflows, and idea portals that centralize the innovative concepts brought forth by team members. 

Enhanced by a virtual whiteboard to fuel collaboration and a robust library boasting over 30+ integrations with other industry-leading tools, Aha! paves the way toward a cohesive and dynamic development process. 

The platform further supports growth by providing access to the Aha! Academy, empowering users with educational resources to continuously evolve and fortify their skillset.

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools

71. Ring Central

Ring Central Homepage

RingCentral, as a leading UCaaS and CCaaS solution for businesses, transforms the way organizations communicate and collaborate, streamlining operations seamlessly.

Its robust integrations with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, coupled with customizable dashboards, comprehensive alerts, and CRM plug-ins, empower users with enhanced analytics capabilities.

Moreover, RingCentral’s Open APIs optimize workflows, increasing productivity and improving customer engagement, making it the go-to choice for businesses seeking an efficient business cloud phone system.

72. HubSpot

Hubspot Homepage

HubSpot’s advanced CRM platform offers an all-in-one marketing solution by providing a wide range of software, integrations, and resources specifically designed for businesses to excel in lead generation and marketing automation.

Key features include a comprehensive meeting scheduler, user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, personalized SEO recommendations, and seamless data sync capabilities.

These innovative tools empower organizations to optimize their marketing strategies and achieve exponential results through unparalleled customer relationship management.

73. ClickUp

ClickUp Homepage

ClickUp, a cutting-edge remote work platform, offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance productivity and collaboration among teams of all sizes.

With versatile features including whiteboards, dashboards, chat, and Zoom meetings, ClickUp streamlines the remote work experience.

Its powerful document builder, pre-built templates, and 1,000+ integrations enable seamless communication and organization.

Teams can rely on real-time progress monitoring and data sync to overcome remote work challenges and achieve unparalleled efficiency.

74. LiveAgent

LiveAgent Homepage

LiveAgent offers a versatile remote help desk software solution designed to elevate call center teams and businesses seeking seamless collaborative experiences.

With advanced capabilities such as tracking and reporting, voice and video calls, and live chat, this cutting-edge platform enables efficient remote collaboration.

Employing powerful work automations, LiveAgent encourages effective team management and effortless online training.

Investing in this comprehensive call center software helps businesses unlock their potential while empowering decision-makers to drive growth and success through a single, user-friendly platform.

75. Freshworks

Freshworks Homepage

Freshworks’ conversational chat platform revolutionizes customer engagement by harnessing the power of messaging channels to foster meaningful interactions.

Designed to be customizable for 33 languages, Freshworks enables businesses to connect with a diverse customer base.

With embedded live-chat support and context-driven bots available 24/7, clients receive high-quality support even during non-business hours.

Businesses benefit from targeted message sequences, seamless integrations, a unified team inbox, and robust APIs, all working together to enhance collaboration, improve customer satisfaction, and optimize overall efficiency.

76. Canopy

Canopy is a robust accounting client management software designed to centralize communication and streamline your work processes.

Its powerful features include client portals for seamless onboarding and interaction, a Global Inbox for easy remote work management, and an AI Email Generator that simplifies crafting professional correspondence.

With Canopy, you gain access to pre-built forms, an internal communications inbox, and the ability to keep notes, emails, comments, and requests organized, elevating your client engagement to new heights.

HR and hiring tools

77. Deputy

Deputy Homepage

Deputy, a leading staff scheduling platform, allows businesses to effortlessly create and share schedules while incorporating demand planning features to keep labor costs low.

With seamless integrations into various software systems, Deputy enables employers to capture exact work hours and record breaks with precision.

The platform also helps manage local and state compliance requirements, ensuring adherence to regulations.

Deputy’s time-clock app further enhances its capabilities, providing a streamlined approach to workforce management.

78. Symless

Symless Homepage

Symless is an innovative mouse and keyboard sharing tool that enables computer linking for a truly seamless experience.

Tailored for multi-computer setups, it efficiently protects keystrokes and clipboard data, ensuring utmost security.

Boasting TLS/SSL encryption, Symless delivers both reliability and speed, making it the go-to solution for professionals seeking efficient, secure, and fast multi-device management.

Discover the power of Symless and redefine your workspace experience.

79. Recruitee

Recruitee is a cutting-edge collaborative hiring software designed to empower companies in unifying their teams and streamlining recruitment endeavors.

With an all-inclusive platform, businesses can thoroughly evaluate potential candidates, automate their hiring process, and optimize productivity.

Equipped with state-of-the-art sourcing tools, Recruitee also offers revolutionary smart campaigns for multiple job boards and social sharing links, ensuring each company has the necessary resources to attract and secure top-tier talent.

What Are Remote Work Tools?

Going remote offers employees the freedom to break away from traditional office environments – giving them the potential to balance personal commitments with professional responsibilities.

In this new era, technology is making collaboration and communication among colleagues easier than ever before. From chatting with co-workers to joining shared documents – no matter how far apart you are geographically – tools are available that help workers come together in a virtual space for the most effective outcomes.

At the forefront of this change is cutting-edge software designed to cater to the unique needs of remote teams. From communication tools to project management, the array of applications available today is vast and varied.

How Can Remote Work Tools Benefit You?

As work from home continues to be the new norm, increasing productivity, streamlining workflows, and keeping remote teams connected will be mandatory. Remote work tools empower individuals and teams by providing various ways of communication, task management, and collaboration.

They enable employees to communicate and collaborate in real-time, irrespective of their location, to ensure productivity isn’t affected. Master the art of remote team management, and you can work with confidence knowing you’ll accomplish tasks efficiently and effectively.  

Virtual work is the future, and technology is its backbone. Equip yourself and your team with the essential remote work tools and reap the benefits of a better work life balance. You can be productive, connected, and successful while working remotely.

The Wrap Up

To sum up, working from the comfort of home has transitioned from being a mere trend to becoming the new norm for work. In this tutorial, we’ve covered 79 platforms and apps that can revolutionize how you earn a living.

All that is required is an office computer, video camera, and quality microphone.

Incorporating them into your daily routine can turbocharge productivity while helping you collaborate more seamlessly and efficiently with colleagues around the world. Thanks for reading!

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