65 Most Profitable Online Business Ideas in 2024

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Are you looking to start an online business or add an extra income stream, but the thought of the usual 9-5 routine or part-time job turns your stomach?

If you find yourself in this situation, the time to get creative and start your own business is now. With this compilation of the 65 most lucrative online business ideas for working from home in 2024, you can secure an occupation or side gig that lets you work remotely and conveniently. So unleash your imagination—the only one holding you back is yourself.

I’ve already done the research, so you don’t have to, and there are detailed insights on each one of these online business ideas. There are many possibilities, so focus on the ones that best fit your background, skillsets, or aspirations.  

With job security being a driving force behind every decision, why not use this opportunity to work on projects that fulfill your passion? Starting an online business with a low risk of failure is yours for the taking – wouldn’t it be amazing if great ideas led to good paychecks? 

This article will reveal how much money per month these roles can bring in on average without sacrificing the quality of life and what you can expect when negotiating with future employers or clients.

What Are The Most Profitable Online Business Ideas?

To determine which online business ideas were the most profitable, I considered factors like current market trends, competition in the industry, scalability and versatility of the product/service offerings, customer needs and wants, and ease of startup. 

With careful research and realistic expectations for success, you can find the best possible option for your new business venture right here with this guide.

Steps To Determine the Perfect Online Business Idea:

  1. Scroll through the entire list
  2. Make your selections
  3. Click the button to get started
  4. Promote your business

Ok, enough with the preliminaries. Here are your most profitable online business ideas in 2024!

1. Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant(VA) is a professional who provides administrative services to clients while working remotely. VAs are independent contractors and can work full-time, part-time, freelance, temporarily, or on an alternative schedule. They can help with tasks such as appointment setting, travel arrangements, research, and more.

Average Annual Income: $22k to $60k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $10 to $27/hr.

2. Web Design and Development

Web Developers are responsible for creating websites and web applications that users can interact with. They work with programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more to design the user interface and develop functional back-end code.

Average Annual Income: $54k to 81k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $33/hr.

3. Freelance Copywriting

Freelance copywriters are creative writers who craft words to communicate messages effectively. They produce content such as press releases, blog posts, web copy, ads, and more.

To become a successful freelance copywriter, you need to have excellent communication skills and be competent in writing quickly with quality assurance. This is a great online business idea if you have no start-up cash for your own business.

Average Annual Income: $49k to 62k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: N/A

4. Digital Marketing & Advertising

Online business ideas that focus on digital marketing

Digital marketers play a pivotal role in the success of businesses, as they construct, administer and implement digital marketing strategies to ensure maximum customer engagement online. 

They use tactics such as SEO, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), email marketing, and display advertising to effectively promote products and services. If you like the idea of being your own boss, digital marketing can provide the passive income you need to live life freely.

Average Annual Income: $48k to 107k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $32/hr.

5. Graphic Design

Graphic designers create visual solutions to communicate ideas and messages. To make it big as a graphic designer, having an in-depth knowledge of design concepts and programs such as Adobe Photoshop is essential. You should also know the latest technological trends such as 3-D and DTG Printers to create unique products and provide effective online store ideas.

Average Annual Income: $30k to 74k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $20/hr.

6. Online Tutoring/Teaching

Online tutors help students learn and grow through individualized instruction. To open an online tutoring business, you should have a degree in the subject area you wish to teach and experience teaching or tutoring in that field. 

You must be tech-savvy to use the digital tools necessary for providing remote instruction and be comfortable interacting with students through video calls and other communications platforms. 

Average Annual Income: $26k to 69k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $16/hr.

7. Transcription Services

Transcriptionists play an essential role in transforming audio or video recordings into accurate, well-written documents. To become a transcriptionist, you should have excellent typing skills and a good command of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You should also be comfortable using computers and transcription software programs.

Average Annual Income: $50k to 82k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $37/hr.

8. Video Editor/Producer

Video Editing Software

Video editors are the masterminds behind transforming unrefined footage into a polished, complete product. To be a successful video editor, you must possess comprehensive knowledge of the entire video production process, including how to utilize pertinent tools and software. Additionally, familiarity and expertise in the media formats used in video production – audio files, video files, and graphics – is a must.

Average Annual Income: $44k to 85k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $23/hr.

9. Freelance Copy Editor

Freelance copy editors are responsible for ensuring that written documents meet the highest quality standards. To become a freelance copy editor, you must have excellent grammar and spelling skills, as well as an eye for detail. 

You should also be knowledgeable about different style guides such as APA and the Chicago Manual of Style.

Average Annual Income: $56k to 82k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $28/hr.

10. Social Media Manager

Social media managers are responsible for creating, managing, and monitoring content published on various social media platforms. This role necessitates an imaginative attitude and strong writing capabilities; you must also have a basic knowledge of the social media ad platforms that will be utilized. 

To be effective at social media marketing, exceptional communication skills are key. A good knowledge of current trends in technology and ecommerce business will also be beneficial.

Average Annual Income: $36k to 92k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $21/hr.

11. Voice-Over Specialist

Voice-over specialists are responsible for creating audio recordings that are used in films, TV shows, radio programs, and other forms of media. To become a voice-over specialist, you should have a pleasant-sounding voice and excellent enunciation skills. 

You may need to take classes or workshops related to recording and audio engineering to gain experience before opening a voiceover business.

Average Annual Income: $62k to 117k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $43/hr.

12. Translation Services

Eyeglasses on a book

Translators are responsible for converting written texts from one language to another. To become a translator, you should have fluency in multiple languages and a strong grasp of grammar rules and syntax specific to each language. 

Additionally, you will need to be familiar with the cultural nuances of the languages you write in. 

Average Annual Income: $53k to 132k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $38/hr.

13. Data Entry

A data entry specialist is responsible for entering information into computer systems. To become a data entry specialist, you should possess strong typing skills and have an eye for detail as accuracy is paramount in this position. Familiarity with word processing software, database systems, and spreadsheets will help you stay organized and efficient while working. 

Average Annual Income: $27k to 41k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $15/hr.

14. App Development

Mobile app developers create software programs for devices such as smartphones and tablets. If you aspire to become a mobile app developer, you must have comprehensive knowledge of coding languages like Java, C#, or HTML5. 

Average Annual Income: $85k to 158k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $49/hr.

15. Virtual Bookkeeping Services

A virtual bookkeeper maintains financial records and oversees accounting operations remotely. To become a virtual bookkeeper, you should have excellent record-keeping skills and be proficient in accounting software such as QuickBooks. 

Average Annual Income: $42k to 75k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $26/hr.

16. Customer Service/Technical Support

Customer service agent working from home

Customer service and tech support agents help customers find solutions to their issues and offer technical assistance when needed. To become a customer service agent, you should have excellent communication and problem-solving skills.  

Average Annual Income: $29k to 45k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $16/hr.

17. Virtual College Coach

A virtual college coach helps students with the college admissions process. To become a virtual college coach, you should have an understanding of the types of colleges and universities available, financial aid options and requirements, and admission guidelines. You should also be up to date on resources like scholarship programs and test prep services.

Average Annual Income: $41k to 42k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $20/hr.

18. Content Strategy Consultant

A content strategy consultant helps companies create and implement effective content strategies. To become a content strategy consultant, you must have a thorough understanding of web design, SEO, and analytics. 

Having strong research, writing, and communication skills will help you in creating strategic plans that meet business goals.

Average Annual Income: $101k to 141k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $51/hr.

19. Influencer Marketing Consultant

An influencer marketing consultant helps companies identify and collaborate with relevant influencers in their target audience. To become an influencer marketing consultant, you should be familiar with various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. 

Average Annual Income: $100k to 175k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $48/hr.

20. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

Google Search Rankings on mobile phone

SEO professionals can equip a website with the tools it needs to soar in visibility, drive organic traffic, and increase sales. You should have an understanding of web analytics tools, keyword research, and the ability to optimize content for SEO. 

Additionally, knowledge of basic HTML/CSS and other coding languages is helpful in troubleshooting problems that arise in SEO campaigns. An eye for data trends and an understanding of search engine algorithms are also key components to your future success.

Average Annual Income: $47k to 82k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $28/hr.

21. Professional Resume Writer

Professional resume writers specialize in creating effective, custom resumes that highlight the individual’s specific experiences, qualifications, and skills. They must be able to craft persuasive stories about their clients to attract potential employers. 

To become a professional resume writer, one should have audio-visual creativity and communication skills. Furthermore, they must be well-versed in Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and familiar with the various recruitment methods and career paths.

Average Annual Income: $52k to 65k/yr

Average Hourly Rate: $28/hr.

22. Freelance Photography Services

Freelance photographers capture images for a variety of uses, including print and digital media, advertising campaigns, stock photography, and personal projects. They must possess strong technical skills to use lighting, composition, and camera equipment to create quality photos. 

Average Annual Income: $38k to 242k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $28/hr.

23. Virtual Career Coach

Virtual career coaches provide personalized advice to help individuals develop their professional paths. They need to understand the needs of their clients and strive to provide advice specifically tailored to them. Furthermore, virtual career coaches must possess strong communication skills to effectively interact with their clients. 

To become a successful virtual career coach, one should have deep knowledge and experience in a variety of career areas such as resume writing, job search strategy, networking, interviewing, and salary negotiation.

Average Annual Income: $44k to 75k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $24/hr.

24. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketers discussing strategies

An affiliate marketer is responsible for promoting products and services to potential customers. They need to have an in-depth understanding of the product they’re promoting, as well as knowledge of internet marketing tactics such as SEO, PPC, content marketing, and email list building.  

Because affiliate marketing is more lucrative than other online business ideas, you must acquire a strategic mindset and unwavering commitment. One should focus on using the right channels to target the ideal customer avatar with the right message to generate sales.

Average Annual Income: $16k to 62k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $30/hr.

25. Email Marketing Specialist

Email marketing specialists are responsible for developing and executing effective email campaigns. They require a thorough understanding of email marketing best practices, such as segmentation, personalization, optimization, and automation. 

Moreover, they should also be knowledgeable in HTML/CSS code and data analysis tools to track and report on email campaign performance.

Average Annual Income: $51k to 82k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $30/hr.

26. Online Community Manager

An online community manager is responsible for managing and growing an online community. This role necessitates a variety of abilities, for example: possessing an extensive comprehension of the product or services being offered, connecting with members in the community, constructing plans to boost engagement from members, and creating dynamic content.

Average Annual Income: $47k to 85k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $28/hr.

27. Blogger

Bloggers are tasked with producing exciting content that captures their readers and amplifies awareness around particular topics. Crafting content is an art form that necessitates mastery of the written word, expertise in SEO tactics and strategies, creativity to fashion captivating narratives, as well as knowledge of web traffic analytics. 

It’s also important to have basic knowledge of HTML/CSS to code blog posts correctly and make them visually appealing. 

Average Annual Income: $36k to 120k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $24/hr.

28. Product Photographer

Photographer snapping photos in the woods

Product photographers are responsible for capturing visually appealing images of products for websites, catalogs, and advertising materials. Becoming a successful product photographer requires technical skills such as an understanding of lighting, camera settings, digital imaging techniques, and the ability to work with a wide range of subjects. Additionally, one should be artistic and have an eye for detail to tell stories through images.

Average Annual Income: $33k to 58k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $19/hr.

29. Automation Consultant

Automation Consultants are responsible for analyzing processes and finding ways to use software and technologies to support them. To excel as an automation consultant, you’ll need to hone your programming skills, have a thorough comprehension of databases, and be well-versed in the fundamentals of the software development lifecycle. 

Average Annual Income: $93k to 142k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $49/hr.

30. Website Content Creator

Website content creators have the unique opportunity to captivate their audience with thought-provoking and educational content. Crafting compelling blog posts, webpages, and descriptions of your products or services are all included in this service. 

Becoming a successful website content creator requires strong writing skills, creativity, and the ability to research topics and understand customer intent. A thorough comprehension of SEO principles is also useful to optimize content for search engines and attract prospective clients.

Average Annual Income: $31k to 60k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $24/hr.

31. Content Director

Content Directors are responsible for crafting and executing a content strategy across multiple channels. This includes developing a strategy around the tone, style, and topics based on customer insight, overseeing content production as well as managing budgets and resources. 

Average Annual Income: $29k to 159k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $40/hr.

32. Podcast Production

Podcaster preparing for a show

Podcast producers are responsible for producing high-quality audio content and managing the production process. This includes creating a concept, writing and editing scripts, locating guest speakers, conducting interviews, composing music, recording sound, and uploading podcasts to various streaming platforms. 

Becoming a successful podcast producer necessitates not only creative flair and sound storytelling abilities but also strong technical know-how. Understanding tools such as audio editing software, mixing consoles and sound engineering is essential to create professional-sounding content.

Average Annual Income: $29k to 74k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $16/hr.

33. Newsletter Editor

Newsletter editors are responsible for creating compelling content for newsletters and other digital publications. This includes crafting engaging headlines, curating content from various sources, managing a team of writers or contributors, editing and fact-checking articles, and optimizing the design for different devices. 

Average Annual Income: $55k to 59k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $27/hr.

34. E-book Writer

E-Book Writers create digital publications in areas such as business, technology, fiction, and non-fiction. This involves researching topics, writing content, proofreading and editing the manuscript, creating a cover design, and publishing it to various digital platforms. 

Average Annual Income: $24k to 31k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $14/hr.

35. Sound Designer

Sound designers are responsible for creating and manipulating sound effects, music, and dialogues for movies, television shows, video games, radio programs, and other audio-visual projects. This requires a deep understanding of recording technology, software engineering, and creative composition. 

Achieving success as a sound designer necessitates not only having top-notch technical abilities but also being well-versed in sound design software such as ProTools and Logic Pro X.

Average Annual Income: $50k to 145k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $40/hr.

36. Data Analytics Consultant

Data analytics consultants use data science and analytics to help businesses make informed decisions. This requires a deep understanding of data analysis, statistical modeling, and data visualization. 

To reach the level of a successful data analytics consultant, one must possess not only technical proficiencies but additionally a command of programming languages such as Python and R, in addition to established experience with SQL databases. An understanding of data mining techniques will also be beneficial in making accurate predictions.

Average Annual Income: $84k to 193k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $66/hr.

37. Remote Media Buyer

Remote media buyers are responsible for researching, purchasing, and managing large amounts of digital advertising inventory. This requires a deep understanding of media buying fundamentals, data analytics, and campaign performance optimization. 

Achieving success as a remote media buyer necessitates the combination of technical proficiencies and expertise in media buying platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and YouTube Ads.

Average Annual Income: $54k to 97k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $31/hr.

38. E-Course Creator

E-Course Creators develop, design, and launch online courses that provide students with valuable knowledge and skills. This requires creativity and an understanding of industry trends. 

To master the craft of e-Course Creation, one must possess top-notch organizational capabilities as well as expertise in content writing, cinematography, web development, and marketing.

Average Annual Income: $23k to 68k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $22/hr.

39. Publishing Consultant

Publishing consultants help authors and publishers with the process of turning their work into published manuscripts. This requires an understanding of writing, editing, book marketing, and publishing regulations. 

If you aspire to become a publishing consultant, then superior communication skills, as well as familiarity with book design, layout, and distribution, are essential.

Average Annual Income: $35k to 62k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $21/hr.

40. Virtual Event Planner

Virtual event planners create, organize and manage virtual events such as webinars, conferences, and workshops. This requires an understanding of event planning, technology, and media production. 

To become a premier virtual event planner, one must hone their problem-solving abilities and be well-versed in marketing, event budgeting, and customer service.

Average Annual Income: $55k to 80k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $26/hr.

41. Online Fitness Instructor

Online fitness instructors design and deliver personalized fitness programs to their clients via the internet. This requires an understanding of exercise science, body mechanics, and nutrition. 

Achieving success as an online fitness instructor necessitates more than just expertise in anatomy, goal-setting, and professional standards. It also requires demonstrating outstanding communication skills to develop effective relationships with your clients and establish a profitable business.

Average Annual Income: $33k to 38k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $15/hr.

42. Online Business Consultant

Virtual consultant live streaming with client

Online business bonsultants provide personalized advice and guidance to help their clients reach their business goals. This requires an understanding of business principles, strategy, and customer service. 

To make this online business venture a success, excellent communication skills along with knowledge of industry trends, financial analysis, and risk management are a requirement.

Average Annual Income: $5k to 102k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $32/hr.

43. UX/UI Design Specialist

UX/UI Design Specialists create intuitive and user-friendly digital experiences by combining psychology, design trends, coding principles, and research. This requires an understanding of technology, design theory, and user behavior. 

To excel in UX/UI Design, it takes more than just a knack for problem-solving: you must also possess expertise in typography, color theory, and web development methodologies.

Average Annual Income: $59k to 112k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $39/hr.

44. Image Consultant

Image consultants help promote a positive image and optimize the appearance of their clients by creating a wardrobe to match their lifestyle. This requires expertise in fashion, color theory, and body types. 

To reach success as an image consultant, one must possess a combination of organizational skills and an innate sense of fashion trends, styling techniques, and outstanding customer service.

Average Annual Income: $26k to 175k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $19/hr.

45. Online Reputation Manager

Online reputation managers ensure that their clients are seen in the best light by monitoring web content, and public opinion, and social media conversations. This requires an understanding of public relations, digital marketing strategies, and analytics. 

Achieving success in this online business necessitates comprehensive communication capabilities along with an understanding of SEO tactics, customer relations, and reputation management systems.

Average Annual Income: $51k to 141k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $39/hr.

46. Cryptocurrency Trader/Advisor

Cryptocurrency traders buy and sell different types of digital currencies to generate profits. This requires knowledge of current trends, analytics, and financial markets. 

To be a successful crypto trader requires more than just some savvy investing. It necessitates sharp analytical skills, an understanding of market indicators, technical analysis, and various trading strategies to bring in profits over time.

Average Annual Income: $132k to 167k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $80/hr.

47. Social Media Coach

Social media coaches help businesses and individuals develop their online presence through sound social media practices. This requires an understanding of digital marketing, analytics, and the latest trends in social networking platforms. 

The path to success as a social media coach necessitates having exceptional communication skills and expertise in online marketing, crafting compelling content, and captivating engagement strategies.

Average Annual Income: $47k to 80k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $33/hr.

48. Buy & Sell Expired Domains

Woman selling domains online

An expired domain reseller specializes in buying, selling, and managing expired domain names. This online business requires a deep understanding of domain acquisition and reselling as well as a keen eye for undervalued domains. 

To reach excellence as an expired domain reseller, you must possess dependable research capabilities coupled with a comprehensive understanding of domain registration rules and expiry processes.

Average Annual Income: N/A

Average Hourly Rate: N/A

49. Brand Strategist

Brand strategists specialize in developing a unified and effective presence across multiple platforms. This requires an understanding of social media marketing, communication, and design to ensure the goals of the brand are consistent across all mediums. 

To succeed as a brand strategist, one must possess sharp strategic thinking abilities and be well-versed in content production, customer interaction, and brand identity formation.

Average Annual Income: $67k to 135k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $42/hr.

50. Product Launch Specialist

Product launch specialists create and execute successful product launch plans. This involves extensive research into the market and competitive landscape, as well as understanding consumer trends and needs. 

To thrive as a product launch specialist demands remarkable organizational prowess, coupled with expertise in product marketing and advertising, project management skills, and the capability to work well with data analysis tools.

Average Annual Income: $28k to 74k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $46/hr.

51. Conversion Optimization Specialist

Conversion optimization specialists increase traffic and conversion rates for websites or applications. This involves understanding website user behavior, A/B testing techniques, and data analysis to improve customer experiences and increase engagement. 

To compete with other online business owners in this field, one must possess both analytical capabilities and an understanding of web development and design fundamentals.

Average Annual Income: $72k to 121k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $39/hr.

52. ASO Consultant

ASO consultants are experts in app store optimization, helping businesses to improve the visibility and performance of their apps. This involves analyzing app store analytics, understanding user behavior, developing strategies to increase downloads, and optimizing app marketing campaigns. 

To secure a position as an ASO Consultant, one must possess both excellent communication abilities and a deep understanding of data analysis tools to earn money. Moreover, knowing current trends in mobile app markets and ecommerce site platforms is highly advantageous.

Average Annual Income: $81k to 115k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $44/hr.

53. Professional Live Streamer

Live streamers use streaming platforms to display their remarkable abilities while amusing viewers. This online business necessitates creating captivating material, expanding an audience, and constructing tactics for connecting with their fans.

To excel as a professional live streamer, you must possess solid communication abilities, creative flair, and multiple social media accounts. Additionally, it is essential to be well-versed in the streaming platform’s features; knowledge of audio and video production tools is also beneficial.

Average Annual Income: $19k to 179k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $32/hr.

54. Virtual Concierge Service Provider

Virtual concierge service providers support customers and clients through remote customer service and personal interaction. This online business involves assisting customers with inquiries, troubleshooting, and resolving customer issues. 

To be a successful virtual concierge service provider requires strong communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and knowledge of customer service best practices. Familiarity with online collaboration tools is also beneficial.

Average Annual Income: $35k to 68k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $26/hr.

55. Lead Generation Specialist

Lead generation specialists help businesses generate and nurture sales leads. This involves using existing customer information, conducting market research, and identifying potential customers.  

To earn money as a lead generation specialist, one must possess the knowledge of marketing and analytics tools, in addition to having instinctive, relationship-building skills and persuasive copy. Moreover, strategic thinking is essential for success in this role.

Average Annual Income: $34k to 65k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $21/hr.

56. E-Commerce Consultant

E-commerce owner listing products on a digital marketplace

E-commerce consultants provide advice to businesses looking to develop and improve their online presence. This involves understanding current e-commerce trends, developing strategies, and implementing changes. 

For those seeking success as an e-commerce consultant, an aptitude for business operations, technical competency and a grasp of user experience design are all crucial components. Familiarity with coding languages and online marketing tools is also beneficial.

Average Annual Income: $52k to 165k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $45/hr.

57. Search Engine Evaluator

Search engine evaluators work to improve the accuracy and relevancy of search engine results. This involves analyzing web pages and providing feedback on the quality and relevance of a website’s content. 

An eye for detail, knowledge of web browsers, and acing multiple tests are essential qualities to become a successful search engine evaluator. Understanding language, culture, social media trends, and search query behavior is also beneficial.

Average Annual Income: $70k to 162k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $51/hr.

58. Remote Business Developer

Remote business developers work to develop strategies for companies that operate remotely. This requires researching market trends, developing plans and strategies to increase sales, and gathering customer feedback. 

To achieve success as a remote business developer, exceptional communication skills are necessary to build connections and develop relationships. One must also possess an understanding of digital marketing strategies, a familiarity with project management, and the capability to work autonomously.

Average Annual Income: $79k to 132k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $48/hr.

59. Remote Video Consultant/Editor

Remote video consultants help businesses with their video production strategies. This involves developing concepts, editing videos, and creating scripts that tell a story. 

To be a successful remote video consultant, one must possess expertise in the most up-to-date developments within their field, superior organizational abilities, and be capable of managing multiple projects simultaneously; not to mention having experience with video editing programs and additional production instruments.

Average Annual Income: $48k to 122k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $35/hr.

60. Virtual Event Consultant

Virtual event consultants are responsible for helping businesses plan, organize and execute virtual events. They must have the ability to create content that is both engaging and original, marketing experience to connect with attendees, and excellent problem-solving skills to come up with innovative solutions.

Average Annual Income: $31k to 74k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $23/hr.

61. Virtual Call Center Agent

Virtual call center agents, both inbound and outbound, are the pillars of customer service through telephone or digital communication. They must be capable of providing excellent customer service, possess problem-solving skills, and be patient and friendly when handling inquiries. To thrive in this position, being familiar with the necessary software is essential.

Average Annual Income: $19k to 33k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $10/hr.

62. Audiobook Narrator

As an audiobook narrator, you are tasked with the creative responsibility of narrating a book in such a way that it not only tells the story but captivates listeners. It is your job to give life and emotion to each character through unique vocal performances. 

To stand out as an outstanding audiobook narrator, one must possess a natural aptitude for acting and performing. Furthermore, the ability to convey the text with varying vocal inflections and tones is essential in ensuring success. Additionally, having experience in radio or video production can help differentiate your performance from others.

Average Hourly Rate (Beginner): $10 to $100/hr.

Average Hourly Rate (Experienced): $100 to $500/hr.

63. Remote Animation Designer

A remote animation designer creates animations for websites, video games, television programs, and motion graphics. They must have a solid understanding of graphic design fundamentals and be proficient in a 3D software such as Adobe After Effects or Maya.

Having a strong portfolio is necessary to land remote animation designer jobs.

Average Annual Income: $76k to 146k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $41/hr.

64. Virtual Legal Assistant

Virtual legal assistant working in a coffee shop

Virtual legal assistants provide legal support in a variety of areas such as law research, data entry, and preparation of legal documents. 

Succeeding in this field necessitates having outstanding communication, organizational, and investigative talents. Additionally, having knowledge of popular legal software can help differentiate you from other candidates.

Average Annual Income: $37k to 39k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $18/hr.

65. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Consultant

An SEM Consultant is responsible for helping companies increase their online visibility by optimizing through search engine marketing (SEM). They need to have an in-depth knowledge of SEO, keyword research, and analytics tools, as well as excellent communication skills. 

Additionally, understanding the technical aspects of running a successful website such as back-linking and tracking is beneficial.

Average Annual Income: $55k to 117k/yr.

Average Hourly Rate: $45/hr.

Online Business Ideas FAQ

Can an online business make me rich?

A. Establishing a successful online business could bring you financial success, but that’s not a certainty. It takes hard work and commitment to stay ahead of the game by staying current with market trends and adapting when necessary. You must also have a thorough understanding of marketing, sales, and customer service so that you can attract customers and keep them coming back for more. By creating a successful product or service, you could achieve financial success from your online business.

Which online business ideas can I start with $100?

A. A great online business to start with $100 is dropshipping. Dropshipping involves selling products in an online store without stocking the inventory. Instead, you have the supplier fulfill orders directly from customers. With only $100 you can set up a website or an online shop and start promoting products online. You will also need to source reliable suppliers, use a payment gateway to offer secure payments on your site, and take a few online courses. But, with some hard work and dedication, you can start generating income in no time.

What online business ideas are best for easy money?

A. Attaining financial success through business is no cakewalk, and it demands time-consuming hard work along with proper planning. Despite this fact, some businesses are considerably more likely to succeed than others – take online ventures such as dropshipping or affiliate marketing for instance! By marching into already existing markets while profiting from other people’s services and products, these enterprises offer you an effortless foundation that needs minimal investments yet produces quick outcomes. So if your goal is to launch a successful company without many upfront costs – look no further than digital businesses like dropshipping or affiliate marketing.

What business will always have consistent demand?

A. If you’re looking to break into the digital world and start your own online business, there is a wide variety of options from which to choose. With high demand for services such as web design, e-commerce stores, content creation & marketing services, plus creating digital products – there’s no shortage of opportunities available. Plus teaching online courses can be an incredibly rewarding experience; allowing those with knowledge or skills in certain subject areas to share that knowledge and help others learn something new.

What Is an Online Business

From the convenience of your own home, a successful business can be run entirely online. Whether it be merchandise or services, digital offerings, or exclusive content, this opportunity could provide something for everyone. Online businesses are valuable as they allow customers from all over the world to reach a company, no matter where its physical location may be. 

By establishing an online presence, businesses can reach far more customers and offer a level of convenience that brick-and-mortar stores and services cannot match. From web design to digital marketing, customers have more freedom and choice than ever before when it comes to engaging with an online business.

How Can an Online Business Benefit You

Having an online business can be hugely beneficial. It provides the flexibility to work from wherever you want when you want. With you own website, you can eliminate the need for a physical office or storefront, meaning less overhead costs and greater potential to reach a wider audience. 

Leveraging the power of an online business opens up a world of possibilities, enabling you to access customers worldwide and significantly expand your sales. Finally, with digital marketing techniques like SEO and content creation, businesses are able to easily engage with their target audience and convert leads into customers.

The Wrap-Up

All in all, launching an online business by 2024 promises to bring a plethora of benefits and can be incredibly lucrative. With so many great online business ideas available, you need to spend some time researching to pick the right one for you. 

By listening to my advice, you can make an informed decision on the best ideas that match your skills and interests. Working from home is nothing new to me and I’ve been at it since 2011. Several of the jobs listed above come from personal experience, so I can verify they are legit. Now it’s up to you. Dig your heels in and you are sure to turn your passion into success!

Ken Jones Digital Marketing & Blogging Expert

Ken Jones

Ken is a freelance copywriter and digital marketer who started his online journey in 2011. He’s been hooked on internet marketing ever since, and he loves nothing more than helping others learn how to do the same.

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