7 Best Metal NFC Business Cards For Startups & Entrepreneurs in 2024

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Tired of conventional business cards that get lost, tossed, or simply ignored? You’re not alone. Traditional cards fail to make a memorable impact, leaving you struggling to stand out in a crowded market. Enter the world of metal NFC business cards – a game changer for modern networking. 

These premium cards command attention and provide a unique, digital-friendly way to share your contact details. Here are 7 metal NFC cards that will revolutionize how you introduce yourself or your business.

AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER: As an affiliate, I may receive a commission on any purchases made through the links provided. I only promote products and services that I believe provide value and guarantee honest opinions in my reviews.

What Are the Best Metal NFC Business Cards?

In the digital era, business cards are no longer just pieces of paper. They’re powerful tools that can revolutionize your networking game. Imagine a card that interacts digitally with clients with just a tap or qr code scan. Intrigued? Let’s dig in!

1. mTap

mTap Homepage Image 1


Networking hurdles at impactful events for small business owners find their solution in mTap. This innovative product onboards in less than 90 seconds, which is faster than all other metal NFC chip cards.

It integrates multiple channels – phone, email, social media, QR codes, and even hand-written notes – creating a seamless, captivating experience.

With all the features, mTap cultivates enduring business relationships. Step into the future of networking, leaving traditional business cards behind.

Key Benefits

  • Effortless Networking: mTap revolutionizes networking by digitizing how you share information, making paper cards obsolete.
  • Personalized Branding: With mTap, create a digital business card that reflects your brand through a variety of themes, colors, and templates.
  • Versatile Contact Sharing: mTap allows you to share vital links and contact information by tapping, scanning, or sharing a unique link.
  • Boosted Online Presence: Amplify your social media reach with mTap’s one-tap follow feature across all platforms.
  • Simplified Payments: mTap streamlines customer payments through quick share options for Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, or Cash App.
  • Universal Compatibility: mTap’s digital profile is browser-based, ensuring compatibility with both iPhone and Android phones.
  • Team Integration: mTap supports team management with easy profile creation, standardized templates, and CRM system integration.


mTap Metal NFC Business Card Pricing


  • Smooth Finish Makes Your Logo Stand Out
  • Insightful Tracking
  • Rich Content Delivered in Seconds
  • Offline Accessibility – No Internet Connection Required
  • Fast Turnaround Time Regardless of Quantity


  • Limited SMS/Email Messages for High-Volume Users
  • No Autoresponder Integration

2. Wave

Wave Homepage Image 1


Step into the future of networking with Wave Connect’s metal cards. These innovative tools let you create a powerful brand identity, store unlimited contacts, and personalize details effortlessly. Its standout feature? Instant sharing via QR codes and browser links – no app download needed. 

Simplify your networking and make a lasting impression with this essential tool for modern professionals. Transform the way you connect and experience the revolution in networking.

Key Benefits

  • Instant Identity Establishment: With Wave Connect, your professional persona is shared with a quick upload, making an immediate positive impression.
  • Sustainable and Budget-Friendly: Embrace the digital revolution. It’s eco-friendly and a cutting-edge replacement for traditional networking.
  • Universal Compatibility: Regardless of your device – iOS, Android, or PC, Wave Connect has got you sorted. Share your card with any contemporary smartphone, no app is required.
  • Endless Contact Capacity: The sky’s the limit with Wave Connect’s limitless contact storage, distinguishing it from many rivals.
  • Effortless App Synchronization: Optimize your follow-ups and marketing strategies by integrating with over 4000 apps, providing unmatched convenience.
  • Comprehensive Solution for Groups: Control and share digital business cards across teams of all sizes with Wave for Teams.
  • Adaptable Subscriptions: Pick from free or premium subscriptions to match your personal, team, or company requirements.


Wave Metal NFC Business Card Pricing


  • Advanced Networking Capabilities
  • Video and file uploads, integrated apps, & team directory
  • Personalized profiles
  • Shared dashboard branding
  • Synchronizes with over 4000 apps


  • Reliance on smartphones, internet connectivity, & compatible gadgets.
  • Initial challenges for those less familiar with technology.
  • Requires a powered device

3. V1CE

V1CE Metal NFC Business Card in a box


Revolutionize your networking with V1CE’s Metal NFC Cards. Harnessing the power of an NFC chip, these cards are a beacon of innovation and growth potential.

Easy to use and versatile, they offer a seamless way to connect, share, and expand networks. This game-changing tool empowers professionals to generate leads and forge career-boosting connections.

Key Benefits

  • Ease & Resilience: V1CE Metal Cards are crafted for longevity and simplicity. They’re always within your reach, set to make a memorable impact.
  • Advanced Networking: With a mere tap, V1CE facilitates smooth connections. This cutting-edge networking tool enables you to share your digital business card and details effortlessly.
  • Sustainable Commitment: V1CE is dedicated to eco-friendliness. For each product purchased, a tree is planted, making V1CE an environmentally responsible solution for your networking requirements.
  • Streamlined Connection: Simplify networking by sharing contact information, lead forms, links, or a file, instantly, doing away with the need for paper business cards or QR codes.
  • Personalizable & Real-Time: Flaunt your brand identity with customizable designs, different color palettes, and your logo. Plus, V1CE allows for immediate updates to your digital business card, ensuring it’s always up-to-date and avoiding the waste of obsolete cards.


V1CE Metal NFC Business Card Pricing


  • Rapid solutions, even during holiday seasons
  • Fast and effective help from V1CE’s customer service
  • Timely arrival of your V1CE NFC card
  • V1CE card is a breeze to use
  • Freedom to personalize your profile design


  • The user panel is not user-friendly and has glitches
  • The card configuration process is a bit confusing
  • Some hiccups with the design team and their procedures

4. Popl

Popl Inventory on a white background


Popl redefines the way we network in today’s digital era. These premium networking solutions enhance your professional persona.

Not only can you personalize them with multimedia content to boost your online presence, but they also help solidify trust and credibility.

These cards are environmentally friendly, easily updated, and direct traffic towards your digital platforms. With an integrated platform, creating seamless connections is as simple as a tap.

Key Benefits

  • Unquestionable Security: Rely confidently on Popl Teams’ robust security features, providing fully secure logins to protect your indispensable business data.
  • Streamlined Management: Ease the process of designing, sharing, and maintaining digital business cards, making key company details readily available at a single touch.
  • Amplify Your Leads: Experience an extraordinary boost in lead acquisition with Popl Teams, surpassing industry benchmarks by a striking 300%.
  • Exceptional Integration: Smoothly connect with over 5000+ CRM systems to guarantee a seamless and effective workflow for your team.
  • Sales Performance Insights: Utilize the sales management platform to assess crucial KPIs, highlight star performers, and extract valuable information about your team’s performance.


Popl Metal NFC Business Card Pricing


  • Facilitates easy sharing of contact details.
  • Eliminates the need for tangible business cards.
  • Suitable for both B2B and B2C interactions.
  • Promotes quick and efficient networking.
  • Cost and time-effective compared to conventional cards.


  • Potential concerns with logo longevity.
  • Delivery duration may exceed expectations.
  • Lack of return policy and sluggish customer support.

5. TapTag

TapTag Homepage Image 1


Tap Tag propels your business profile to the forefront, readily available at a simple tap. The potency of Tap Tag’s metal NFC digital business cards is not only free and fully customizable but also gives you a personalized landing page.

You have the flexibility to customize it with interactive phone numbers, social media badges, and more at your convenience. It transcends the traditional concept of a card, emerging as a compact website.

All your Tap Tags and QR codes can be updated with real-time information. If you’re on the hunt for an up-to-date, professional, and engaging mode of connection, Tap Tag merits consideration.

Key Benefits

  • Effortless Networking: With Tap Tags, you get a complimentary digital profile and contact download, streamlining professional connections.
  • Unfailing Flexibility: Tap Tags leverage NFC technology to share data with any smartphone via a simple tap, eliminating the need for an app.
  • Diverse Usages: Integrate your digital profile with numerous Tap Tags for effortless sharing and adaptability.
  • Review Capture Tool: Utilize Tap Tags as an instrument to gather reviews, making it convenient for gratified customers to bestow 5-star ratings.
  • Absolute Authority: From a complimentary, easy-to-use dashboard, manage your Tap Tags and digital profile in real-time, while enjoying additional features and upgrades.


TapTag Metal NFC Business Card Pricing


  • Extensive selection of customizable NFC items.
  • Complimentary digital profile with each transaction.
  • Effortless smartphone integration for profile dissemination.
  • Inclusion of a handy tool for capturing reviews.
  • Complimentary, instantaneous dashboard administration.


  • Possible modifications to artwork submitted by customers without prior discussion.
  • Subpar customer service, marked by representatives lacking interpersonal skills.

6. My Metal Business Card

My Metal Business Card - Custom Option in Black


In the world of professional networking, My Metal NFC Digital Business Cards are transforming the game. With their attention to detail, they have earned the trust of thousands and crafted over 10 million unique cards that leave a lasting impression.

Their advanced production facility, combined with a straightforward and secure ordering system, ensures a high-quality service. Every card, laser-engraved and individually packaged for optimal protection, is as unique as your brand. 

Regardless of whether you require cards in 2-3 weeks or as quickly as within 24 hours, they’re prepared to fulfill your needs.

Key Benefits

  • Prompt Dispatch: Their ability to deliver within 5 business days ensures you’ll never miss critical meetings, conferences, or other networking opportunities with your metal NFC business cards.
  • Assured Satisfaction: As a global leader in high-quality metal cards, they provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring total contentment with both the cards and service.
  • Seamless Networking: Simply tap your card on a smartphone for wireless data transfer, enabling effortless information sharing with clients.
  • Outstanding Resilience: These cards, made from 1mm thick stainless steel, are resistant to corrosion and impress with their sleek design.
  • Personalized Design: You can either supply your own artwork or allow their in-house team to create a custom layout in gold, silver, black metal, or stainless steel. A digital proof is also provided for review and approval.


My Metal Business Card - NFC Pricing


  • Constructed from resilient stainless steel.
  • Features a variety of design customization options.
  • Comes with complimentary NFC chip encoding.
  • Provides surface etching at no extra cost.
  • Includes protective plastic sleeves free of charge.


  • Limited product variety, with no offerings of wristbands or other NFC products.
  • The pricing structure may seem steep for individual users.
  • Primarily caters to large businesses and team structures.

7. Retrēv

Retrēv Homepage


Retrēv stands at the forefront of the digital business card industry, offering state-of-the-art options. These tools utilize both NFC and QR technology, providing an immediate platform for sharing your contact details and social media links.

Whether you’re an Apple or Android user, Retrēv guarantees smooth connectivity with just a simple tap. Maintain control and gain valuable insights with Retrēv’s Tap Analytics, which shows who is saving your information and which links are attracting the most interest.

You can put your worries about potential viruses from foreign manufacturers to rest. Retrēv cards are manufactured here in the USA, ensuring the highest level of safety for your information.

Key Benefits

  • Innovative Contact Sharing: Retrēv Digital Business Cards utilize NFC technology, providing a modern platform for instant contact information exchange.
  • Convenient Networking Expansion: With Retrēv, users have the opportunity to widen their network and create meaningful connections with ease.
  • Performance Tracking: Retrēv provides basic analytics that allows users to monitor the effectiveness of their digital business cards, offering crucial insights.
  • Effortless Card Management: The user-friendly dashboard of Retrēv simplifies the management and customization of digital business cards.
  • Quality Assurance: Reflecting their superior quality and reliability, Retrēv Digital Business Cards are a popular and trusted choice among users.


Retrēv Metal NFC Business Card Pricing


  • Rapid exchange of crucial data.
  • Sophisticated aesthetics with laser-engraved metal cards.
  • Effortless data transmission using NFC technology.
  • No-cost basic analytics for monitoring card interactions.
  • Comprehensive dashboard for managing contacts and analytics.


  • Costlier than other metal NFC business cards.
  • Limited variety in card designs and color schemes.
  • Potential lack of understanding of NFC technology among some users.

What Sets NFC Cards Apart From Plastic?

NFC chip cards offer many distinct advantages that can boost your networking strategy. One significant benefit is their superior durability compared to plastic alternatives. Custom metal cards resist wear and tear, keeping your contact information legible for longer periods.

Another advantage lies in the unique design possibilities that metal materials provide. Gold, silver, copper, stainless steel, and black metal finishes help you create cards that perfectly embody your brand identity.

The impressive first impression that these cards leave is also noteworthy. The weight and texture of a metal card immediately capture attention, conveying professionalism and luxury that’s hard to forget.

Furthermore, the longevity of metal saves you money. Unlike plastic cards that need to be replaced more often, metal cards are permanent members of your networking arsenal.

What To Look For When Comparing Suppliers

Comparing suppliers before placing an order is a savvy move. Begin by assessing material quality. Sturdy metals like stainless steel, aluminum, brass, or copper will withstand daily use without losing that luxury feel. 

Next, consider customization options. Your branding needs are unique; hence, a supplier should offer the flexibility to tailor your logo and messaging. The cost factor is equally important.

Do a comparative analysis of prices across different suppliers, keeping in mind the material quality and customization features. Economies of scale may come into play; some suppliers offer discounts on large orders. 

Delivery timelines and shipping options also matter, especially for networking events or promotional campaigns where timely turnaround time is essential. Lastly, pay attention to customer service and after-sales support. Opt for suppliers with robust communication channels and provisions for replacements or refunds if any issues arise post-purchase.

Wrapping Up

Alright, alright, alright! Listen up people, making the perfect metal business card is serious business, it’s a real art. You gotta have an eye for this stuff, and a knack for design. 

Think clean, think simple, think bold letters – let that shiny metal do the talking. And don’t forget your logo. That’s your brand, your identity.

A killer metal business card can elevate your status to authority in no time. Stick to these pro tips and trust me, you’ll have a card that’s not just professional, but one that screams “I’m different!” in your industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will an NFC card last?

The tag inside is composed of a small passive IC chip and an antenna, typically mounted on a PET substrate with an adhesive backing. It doesn’t need a power source to operate. These tags are built to last and have a durability that can exceed 10 years.

Are there security risks with NFC cards?

While NFC systems, which are built into most smartphones for easy contactless information exchange, can potentially be hacked, protective measures exist. Special carrying cases, for instance, can help prevent unauthorized access.

How near should the card be to the smartphone for NFC to work?

NFC operates effectively within a range of 4 inches. Devices should be within this distance for successful NFC operation. This requirement for close proximity enhances the safety and security of NFC compared to other contactless technologies.

Do NFC cards come with encryption?

Yes, NFC-enabled cards are generally secure and often come with additional security features such as encryption to minimize the risk of theft or unauthorized access. 

Is it possible to share information without WIFI?

This largely depends on the manufacturer. Some provide the option to use QR codes without needing an internet connection. It’s advisable to research various suppliers to make the best choice for your needs.

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