9 Best Eco Friendly T Shirt Printing Companies in 2024

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Hey, fashion-forward individuals! Are you looking for ways to showcase your style while being mindful of our planet? If so, we’ve curated a list of the nine companies specializing in eco t-shirt printing you need to see.

Sustainability is now a must and the following companies are at the forefront of a new movement. Their objective is to reduce waste by utilizing recycled materials and organic fabrics.

Say goodbye to chemicals. Say hello to guilt-free style! So, if you’re ready to turn heads with your eco-fashion choices, sublimation printing, or an online store, read further and make the switch.

AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER: As an affiliate, I receive a commission on any purchases made through the links provided. I only promote products and services that I believe provide value and guarantee honest opinions in my reviews.

Best Companies For Organic T Shirts in 2024

1. Printify

Printify Homepage


Printify is an innovative platform uniting merchants and top-tier printing houses. They empower local businesses while reaching a global audience and are transforming the industry. In a world where sustainability is paramount, Printify envisions a future where producers craft goods on demand.

By eliminating surplus inventory and manufacturing products only when consumers commit to purchase, they address the environmental challenge of unsold clothing. This visionary approach supports small brands and contributes to the well-being of our planet.

Key Benefits

  • Global Connectivity
  • Sustainability at the Core
  • Environmental Impact
  • Empowers Small Brands
  • Contributes to the Planet’s Well-being


Printify Pricing Plans


  • Global Reach: The platform’s ability to connect merchants with printing houses worldwide empowers local businesses while accessing a global market.

  • Sustainability Focus: Printify’s emphasis on manufacturing products on demand reduces waste, addresses environmental concerns, and supports small brands.

  • Efficiency: The on-demand printing model reduces surplus inventory and minimizes the carbon footprint associated with traditional manufacturing.

  • Quality Control: The platform’s partnership with top-tier printing houses ensures high-quality products and professional printing standards.

  • Innovation: Printify’s vision for a future where products are made only upon commitment to purchase showcases their innovative approach to sustainable manufacturing.


  • Dependency on Partners: The success of the platform relies on the quality and reliability of the printing houses, which might vary and affect the end product.

2. The Good Tee

The Good Tee Homepage


Fueled by distressing suicide rates among cotton farmers, the brand’s founder transformed over 15 years of experience into a mission for change. Transparency sets them apart, sourcing Fairtrade cotton in India and overseeing the entire creation process. With a commitment to slow production, ethical conditions, and fairness, The Good Tee prioritizes people over machines.

Crafting premium fashion basics that blend timeless style with responsibility, their ethical journey encompasses fair trade principles and a holistic product life cycle. Advocating for farmers and makers, they strive for supply chain transparency and Fairtrade practices.

Key Benefits

  • Sustainable Transformation
  • Transparency and Fairtrade
  • Human-Centered Ethos
  • Fashion with Responsibility
  • Championing Positive Change


The Good Tee Pricing Page


  • Sustainability Commitment: The brand’s deep commitment to sustainability and ethical practices is evident, making it an appealing choice for eco-conscious consumers.

  • Transparency: The focus on transparency, Fairtrade practices, and supply chain visibility resonates with consumers seeking ethical and responsible fashion options.

  • Premium Quality: The use of certified organic cotton and dedication to quality results in premium fashion basics that are both stylish and responsibly made.

  • Advocacy: The brand’s advocacy for farmers, makers, and ethical practices contributes to a positive impact on both the industry and the environment.

  • Holistic Approach: The brand’s approach goes beyond clothing, aiming to reshape the industry’s practices and raise awareness about sustainability.


  • Limited Products: The focus on premium quality and ethical practices might result in a narrower range of product offerings compared to more conventional fashion brands.

3. Teemill

Teemill Homepage


Teemill is revolutionizing fashion with its sustainable approach. They design and craft each shirt from organic materials in renewable energy-powered factories. The intent is to repurpose items, reduce landfill waste, and create a circular loop. Teemill’s ambition extends beyond their impact; they aim to democratize this transformative technology.

With the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in 2019 for circular economy innovation, Teemill is committed to certified organic cotton and textile safety. Their iconic circular logo encapsulates their ethos. From humble beginnings, Teemill is reshaping the apparel sector, harmonizing nature, technology, and circularity for a more sustainable fashion frontier.

Key Benefits

  • Sustainable Revolution
  • Circular Economy Champion
  • Democratizes Sustainability
  • Recognizes Innovation
  • Harmonizes Nature and Technology


TeeMill Pricing

*Must contact for a quote


  • Circular Economy Focus: Teemill’s commitment to creating a circular supply chain and repurposing items aligns well with growing sustainability trends.

  • Innovative Technology: The use of innovative technology to create a sustainable supply chain reflects Teemill’s dedication to advancing eco-friendly practices.

  • Certifications: Their recognition through awards and certifications demonstrates their credibility in circular economy innovation and organic textile standards.

  • Holistic Impact: Teemill’s approach isn’t limited to their products; it also aims to democratize their technology and influence positive change across the industry.

  • Local Manufacturing: Their commitment to manufacturing in the UK supports local economies and reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation.


  • Limited Product Range: Teemill’s focus on circular economy products might limit the diversity of offerings compared to brands that have a broader range.

4. Redbubble

Redbubble Homepage


Redbubble is a global marketplace nurturing creativity responsibly. Their mission is to empower independent artists and ethically celebrate artistic expression. Each item on their platform is printed on demand, preserving the uniqueness of creativity. Redbubble prioritizes ecological mindfulness by shipping 95% of packages from the region of order, conserving energy.

They collaborate with renewable energy experts, 3Degrees, to counteract carbon emissions and strive for carbon neutrality. By combining artistic expression, environmental consciousness, and ethical business strategies, Redbubble rises above mere commerce to become a powerful advocate for a worldwide movement.

Key Benefits

  • Global Creative Empowerment
  • Ethical Celebration of Art
  • Uniqueness Preserved
  • Eco-conscious Shipping
  • Carbon Neutrality Advocate


Redbubble Pricing


  • Creative Empowerment: Redbubble’s platform empowers independent artists to showcase their creativity and connect with a global audience.

  • Ethical Celebration of Art: The platform fosters a space where artistic expression is celebrated ethically, promoting responsible and respectful consumption.

  • Print on Demand: Printing items on demand preserves the uniqueness of creativity, reducing waste and excess inventory.

  • Eco-conscious Shipping: Redbubble’s eco-conscious shipping practices help minimize energy consumption and contribute to a smaller carbon footprint.

  • Social Impact: The Community Impact Program’s contribution to non-profits reflects Redbubble’s dedication to making a positive difference beyond fashion.


  • Varied Quality: As independent artists contribute to the designs, the quality of designs and artwork might vary, leading to inconsistency in product quality.

5. Spunky Pineapple

Spunky Pineapple Homepage


Spunky Pineapple is where eco-friendly values and excellence intertwine. Their dedication to sustainability shines through their exclusive use of 100% Eco-Friendly Water Based Inks. Meticulously hand-screen printed, these shirts boast unmatched softness, breathability, and durability.

The inks seamlessly blend with the fabric, enhancing its color rather than hiding it. This fusion of comfort and style creates a sensory experience like no other. With Spunky Pineapple, you can make a fashion statement while embracing responsible manufacturing.

Key Benefits

  • Eco-Friendly Innovation
  • Exclusive Water-Based Inks
  • Unparalleled Comfort
  • Enhanced Fabric Aesthetics
  • Fashion with Impact


Spunky Pineapple Pricing


  • Eco-Friendly Printing: The use of 100% Eco-Friendly Water Based Inks aligns with environmental consciousness, making their products appealing to eco-minded consumers.

  • Premium Quality: The meticulous hand-screen printing and use of water-based inks result in products that are not only environmentally friendly but also boast superior softness, breathability, and durability.

  • Aesthetic Enhancement: Water-based inks that blend with the fabric enhance its color rather than hide it, elevating the overall aesthetics of the garment.

  • Ethical Fashion Choice: By choosing Spunky Pineapple, consumers make a conscious fashion choice that supports sustainable and responsible manufacturing practices.

  • Unique Sensory Experience: The fusion of comfort, style, and environmental responsibility creates a sensory experience that sets their products apart.


  • Limited Ink Options: The exclusive use of water-based inks might limit the color and design options available compared to brands that offer a wider range of printing methods.

6. Econic

Econic Homepage


Econic Apparel is a Canadian brand that combines environmental consciousness, social responsibility, and contemporary designs to create a remarkable line of products. With a commitment to circularity, their blended t-shirts consist of 50% rPET and 50% GOTS-certified organic cotton, while their ringspun combed cotton tees are 100% organic.

Proudly manufactured in Canada, Econic Apparel supports local businesses and upholds stringent GOTS certification standards. By curbing harmful chemicals and advocating for ethical practices, they aim to transform the fashion industry for customers.

Key Benefits

  • Holistic Sustainability
  • Circular Fashion Innovation
  • Local Support
  • Stringent Certification
  • Fashion with a Purpose


Econic Apparel Pricing

* Pricing varies by category


  • Sustainable Blend: The blend of 50% rPET and 50% GOTS-certified organic cotton in their t-shirts demonstrates their commitment to circularity and sustainable materials.

  • Local Manufacturing: Proudly made in Canada, Econic Apparel supports local businesses, contributing to the growth of domestic economies and communities.

  • GOTS Certification: Their use of GOTS-certified organic cotton and adherence to stringent standards ensure ethical and sustainable practices.

  • Environmental Advocacy: The brand’s focus on eliminating harmful chemicals and promoting ethical practices contributes to minimizing the fashion industry’s impact on the planet.

  • Conscious Fashion Choice: Choosing Econic Apparel means supporting a brand that harmonizes environmental consciousness, social responsibility, and contemporary designs.


  • Limited Material Options: The focus on specific sustainable materials might limit the variety of fabric choices compared to brands that offer a wider range.

7. Busted Tees

Busted Tees Homepage


BustedTees is empowering expression, fostering community, and making a positive impact. This brand believes in the power of clothing as a form of self-expression. They connect individuals with unique designs from talented freelance artists worldwide. By supporting BustedTees, you support independent artists and become part of a passionate community.

Their diverse range of designs caters to various interests, from pop culture to politics. Committed to quality, BustedTees uses premium materials and cutting-edge printing techniques. But their impact goes beyond fashion. With their Community Impact Program, 1% of every purchase is donated to non-profits focused on women’s empowerment, clothing accessibility, and the arts.

Key Benefits

  • Empowering Self-Expression
  • Connecting Talented Artists
  • Diverse Design Range
  • Uncompromised Quality
  • Social Impact


Busted Tees Pricing

* Pricing varies by category


  • Artistic Empowerment: BustedTees connects individuals with unique designs from talented artists, empowering artistic expression and creativity.

  • Diverse Design Range: Their wide range of designs caters to various interests, making it easier for consumers to find pieces that resonate with their passions.

  • Quality Commitment: BustedTees’ use of premium materials and cutting-edge printing techniques ensures high-quality products that meet or exceed expectations.

  • Community Impact: The Community Impact Program’s donation to non-profits showcases BustedTees’ commitment to making a positive impact beyond commerce.

  • Fashion with Purpose: By choosing BustedTees, consumers contribute to a community of independent artists and become part of a movement that celebrates creativity and positive change.


  • Design Consistency: The variety of designs from different artists might lead to inconsistencies in design quality, which could impact overall product satisfaction.

8. Farm Fresh Clothing Co.

Farm Fresh Clothing Company Homepage


Farm Fresh Clothing has been bridging quality, sustainability, and purpose since 2011. Their distinct line of 100% organic cotton shirts, crafted in California, showcases their commitment to sustainable practices. They carefully create and infuse each garment with eco-friendly water-based inks in their shop.

Farm Fresh Clothing champions American-made, organic cotton apparel, benefiting wearers and the cotton industry. They foster healthier soil, ensure the protection of farmers, and safeguard wildlife by embracing organic practices and eliminating synthetic chemicals.

Key Benefits

  • Longstanding Excellence
  • Organic Cotton Leadership
  • Eco-Friendly Craftsmanship
  • Elevating American-Made Apparel
  • Sustainable Impact


Farm Fresh Pricing

* Pricing varies by category


  • Sustainable Ethos: Farm Fresh Clothing bridges quality, sustainability, and purpose, appealing to consumers seeking ethical and environmentally conscious fashion.

  • Organic Cotton Leadership: Their focus on 100% organic cotton shirts showcases their commitment to sustainable practices and responsible sourcing.

  • Eco-Friendly Craftsmanship: The use of eco-friendly water-based inks underscores their dedication to environmentally friendly production methods.

  • American-Made Advocacy: By championing American-made, organic cotton apparel, Farm Fresh Clothing contributes to healthier soil, protects farmers, and supports local industries.

  • Sustainable Impact: Their commitment to eliminating synthetic chemicals and embracing organic practices aligns with their mission to reshape the fashion industry’s impact on the planet.


  • Limited Product Range: The exclusive use of organic cotton might limit the variety of fabric choices compared to brands that offer a broader range.

9. Print Natural

Print Natural Homepage


Print Natural is pioneering sustainability in custom apparel printing. With an unwavering commitment to eco-conscious materials and a 100% non-toxic process, they lead the way in environmentally friendly printing. Their state-of-the-art equipment reduces energy consumption while recycling, ink up-cycling, water filtration, and zero-waste practices further elevate their sustainability efforts.

Print Natural’s 25 years of experience have honed their sustainable screen printing methods, delivering vivid colors and enduring durability. Rejecting inferior alternatives, they proudly embrace the finest screen printing techniques, ensuring each product bears the “Made in the USA” label.

Key Benefits

  • Sustainability Trailblazers
  • Leading in Eco-Friendly Printing
  • Efficiency and Resource Conservation
  • Decades of Expertise
  • Quality and Patriotism


Print Natural Pricing

* Must contact for a quote


  • Eco-Conscious Printing: Print Natural’s 100% non-toxic process and focus on sustainable materials reflect their commitment to environmentally friendly printing.

  • Energy Efficiency: Their state-of-the-art equipment significantly reduces energy consumption, contributing to a smaller carbon footprint.

  • Resource Conservation: Recycling, ink up-cycling, water filtration, and zero-waste practices further elevate their sustainability efforts.

  • Quality and Expertise: With over 25 years of experience, Print Natural’s sustainable screen printing methods ensure vivid colors and enduring durability.

  • Local Manufacturing: Their “Made in the USA” approach supports local economies and reduces the environmental impact associated with transportation.


  • Dependence on Printing Houses: The quality and reliability of the printing houses utilized by Print Natural might vary, which could affect the overall product quality.

What Is Eco Friendly T Shirt Printing?

Innovative yet awe-inspiring, eco-friendly t-shirt printing transcends the era of custom t-shirts into an eco-conscious realm. Ta-da, environmentally-friendly t-shirt printing emerges, defying conventional methods that wreak planetary havoc.

Organic t-shirt printing, anyone? This technique utilizes water-based or plant-based inks, DTF, and DTG printers to obliterate nasty chemicals. Water consumption? Slashed. Energy use? Much lower. Digital printing and on-demand production reduce waste and overproduction, paving the way for certified organic cotton champions.

What about recycling programs? Tick! Transparency and certifications like GOTS or OEKO-TEX? Double tick! Let’s say au revoir to a colossal fashion industry carbon footprint, cherish our precious resources, and foster robust ecosystems.

How Recyclable Materials Benefit All of Us

Making the switch is not just a fashion trend. It’s a step towards a greener future. By opting for organic t-shirt printing and custom t-shirts, we can significantly reduce the use of plastic in the production process, benefitting everyone involved.

Recycled materials minimize waste, carbon emissions, and hazardous chemicals. By choosing eco-friendly t-shirt businesses, we support responsible companies offering safer working conditions and healthier products.

Sustainable consumption is just as crucial as ethical decision-making. Our wardrobe choices can empower local economies and provide job opportunities. Responsible businesses that vet their wholesale partners are leading the way.

Buyers Guide: How We Conducted Our Research 

We compiled the above list with reputable industry sources, diligently cross-referencing information for accuracy. Expert insights allowed us to validate the data, ensuring a credible perspective. 

Our research encompassed several practices and brands, thoroughly examining their commitments and certifications. By analyzing the benefits and potential limitations, we are able to provide you with valuable information for an online store or brick and mortar.

Wrapping Up

Our diligent research into custom apparel companies empowers you to make well-informed choices that align with your values. By utilizing reliable sources, cross-referencing information, and seeking expert insights, we now understand the benefit of switching to sustainable products.

By considering diverse perspectives and analyzing the benefits and limitations, you’ll be well-equipped to make conscious purchasing decisions. Trust in our meticulous research process as you navigate the realm of eco-friendly t-shirt practices, helping you champion change through your choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are water-based inks, and how are they eco-friendly?

Water-based inks are a type of printing ink that uses water as its primary solvent instead of harmful chemicals. They contain fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can harm human health and the environment. Production requires less energy to cure which reduces water pollution. The result is a softer print that is more comfortable to wear.

Are there specific certifications that confirm the use of sustainable fabrics?

Yes. There are several certifications to consider when choosing an ethical tee company. Look for certifications such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), which ensures the entire production chain follows strict organic and environmental standards. Another certification to consider is OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which guarantees that the fabrics used are free from harmful substances. Additionally, you can look for certifications specific to sustainable printing practices, such as the GreenGuard Gold certification for low-emitting climate neutral materials.

Do eco-friendly options cost more than traditionally printed tees?

Custom t shirts may have a slightly higher price tag than traditionally printed ones due to sustainable materials and more environmentally friendly processes. However, the cost difference can vary depending on the brand, design complexity, and quantity ordered. It’s important to note that investing in eco friendly materials supports ethical and sustainable practices, contributing to a healthier planet and a more responsible fashion industry.

Are there specific eco friendly materials I should look for?

Yes, sustainable fabrics have a lower environmental impact. Some options include ethically produced cotton grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers and polyester from recycled plastic bottles. Other materials include hemp, bamboo, and Tencel, which reduce water and chemical usage during production. These materials offer a greener alternative to traditional t-shirt fabrics, making them a popular choice for eco-conscious individuals.

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